Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sept. 1, 2007
Can you believe that it is already Sept. This means less then 4 mo. until Christmas. Our company just left for this visit. We had a nice evening last night of bbq hamburgers, swimming, 's and a movie. It was relaxing and fun to hang out and be with the Peelers again. We are dropping the kids off with my sis and Dirk today for our weekend at the hotel with Shawn's company. Tonight we are going to a BBQ at the owners house. Tomorrow I am golfing with Matt and maybe Scooti J. while Shawn drives me around and gives me advice on how to golf. After golf we are going to Northwoods Inn where we are going to share a plate and then for the evening we are going to go see a movie at the theater. I think we are going to see Bourne altimadum. Shawn loves the other movies in this series and really wants to see it. I will not be blogging until Tuesday unless the hotel has internet access but I definitly an not packing the scale on this trip.
I weighed in this morning at 183.4 again. My total for the week was .8 and today was my 2 month mark on the diet bringing me to a total of 32.8 pounds lost. Back strong on Tues. Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone.

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