Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ok so it is weigh in day, I started 1 week ago at 200.4 and weighed in today at 192.8. I must say that works for me. I know it will slow down but I am that much closer to my goal. I like this not weighing in each and every day thing. I feel like I accomplished something instead of being disappointed.
So yesterday at school was a very productive day. I painted some of my ceramics and they turned out pretty cute. In woodshop I used a tablesaw, chop saw, and band saw to start making my cutting board. I am very happy that I have a clue in the class since I have used alot of the tools before. My cutting board is about halff done and I will post pics as soon as I get some.
So I decided today to tell you about a few of my can't live without foods.
- Skinny lattes from starbucks. They are 3 points for a lg but you can get caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, and hazelnut.
- Lean cuisine panini's they are 7 points but are so tasty.
- my sun butter and raw honey whole wheat sandwhiches. If I use 2 slices of bread with 1/2 tablespoon each sunbutter and honey they are 4 points.
- turkey taco's which run around 10 points with tortillas, rice, and all the fixins.
- kashi granola bars, I really like the cherry chocolate and trail mix. They are 2 points but a sweet treat.
I also thought I would share my two favorite Weight watchers website.
The first is she has a link at the very top of the site for resteraunts and she has the points for every fasy food place or resteraunt that is a chain or is popular. I think I use this site 4 times a week. She also has links to other weight watchers info like points for foods and stuff.
The other is Roni is a weight watcher guru, she knows it all. She lost 70 pounds. She has links to tools like how many points you should aim for based on height and weight, she has recipies, answers questions, and has a food calculator in case you don't have a weight watchers slide to calculate points of foods.
These are the tools and foods that keep me going.
Well I am off to do homework but I hope you find some of this info helpful and useful,

Monday, April 27, 2009

What a great weekend.
Sat I had to be at school at 8 for clay day. Clayy day is where local high schools come and compete in clay events. It was so cool to work with the kids and see how amazing they are. After clay day I headed to Garrett's little league game. My mother and father in law came to the boys games for the day and of course we used the time to half watch the game and half chit chat. It was great too see them.
Sunday we headed to church in the morning. In the afternoon we went to my in laws for my husbands, brother in laws, and nieces birthday celebration. I love the chance to get to see all of the Brenner's. Because it was my nieces birthday my sis in law had all the girls get their hair and make up one on the patio. We all know that I have 3 boys and no girls. I was asked to do hair and makeup and have to admit I was a bit nervous because I can't even do my hair half of the time. I did a great job and the girls looked so cute, I will try to post a pic if I can get one for you to see. I got to witness my nieces and nephews throwiing lemons over a wall because they thought no adults were out there and man are they a little force to be reconed with.
As for the diet I did great all weekend. I took things to all the events this weekend to make my life easier. I took bean salsa and my own tortillas. I was also constantly moving on Sat. so I am hoping that helps drop a few more pounds. My official weigh in day is tomorrow so I will let you know on Wed how I am doing.
I feel so much better on this diet. I am less tempted to "cheat" because there isn't to much I really can't have. Tonight for dinner we are going to have blueberry pancakes and eggs with sugar free syrup.
Well off to write two papers and go shopping for ceramic supplies. Oh yeah I also get to go pick up a baseball glove that I won at an auction that Garrett is so excited about. hat a great and busy day it will be.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My husband is making me look really bad and I am ok with it. I have yet to exercise other than house cleaning and walking the school campus because I have to. Shawn on the other hand has been running 1 1/2 miles and walking 1 more mile on his lunch break. He is doing fantastic.
I have been doing very well on the eating side and I am making smart choices. I have been doing alot of whole wheat bread with sun butter which is like peanut butter but it is made out of sunflower seeds, it is higher in fiber and it spreads alot better then typical peanut butter, 1/2 tablespoon is 1 pt. I also add a 1/2 tablespoon of raw honey for 1 pt. and I get a 4 pt sandwhich. Yum! We have done ff bean burritoes on whole wheat tortillas and tuna melts. I have been eating a ton of fruit, 1 1/2 cups of sut strawberries are only 1 pt. We are having so much fun learning what new things we can eat.
I have not weighed in yet especially because I have been eating so much whole wheat;) I will weigh in on Tues and see how it all went.
We are having Shawn softball team over tonight for taco's and poker tonight so I am going to clean and get ready.
Have a really good weekend,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two days and so far so good. I am not weighing myself this time. I am going to weigh in weekly so that I don't get discouraged. I am feeling better about the closet experiance today. It is nice being able to find clothes without getting lost each morning.
Today we are going to an art night at Cody's school and will be painting a family canvas. It should be fun. We are making sure that dinner is ready and on the table early so that we eat before we go and don't have any temptation in fast food on the way home. Tomorrow we have two little league games and a full day of school for me so I am not sure how we are going to fit dinner in at all. I am going to look for packable meals that are quick to fix.
Have a good Earth day,

Monday, April 20, 2009

I just spend 2 hours cleaning my closet and packing up everything that doesn't fit. All my 10 and 12 are in boxes until I get back to that size. I decided it wasn't worth getting dressed everyday and looking at the 100 things in my closet that didn't fit while the stuff that did was at the bottom of the closet due to lack of room. It was rough I kept looking at these tiny cloths and was rough on myself. I feel like crap at the moment but I know when I get to that point of opening all the boxes and everything fitting I will be glad I did this.
Had to share so I can look back later and remember why I did this.
Two Months until I will be a college graduate. Yeah!!!
So today is the day. I woke up this morning ready to get back on track. Shawn and I are spending the next t wo months losing some weight before the annual beach trip. I am ready to lose again. I have let myself go and I am not proud. I weighed in this morning at 200.4 I was so sad to see the number start with a 2. I know I have to do soemthing or I will be 20 pounds heavier before I know it. I am honestly so disappointed when I think that 1 year ago I was 30 pounds lighted. I am upset with myself that I did let the weight get back on but instead of eating over it I am going to get back to losing and in a healthier way.
Have a great Monday,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th
Man oh man, just when I thought life couldn't get any crazier it did. I am taking 18 units, 12 is usually full time so I am packed with homework and reading all the time. The kids baseball hasn't eased up at all, we are at pracice or games 5 days a week and sometimes 6. I can't complain thought. Life is great we are all healthy and content. The other new activity in our life is that the Quakes baseball games started this week. We went on Monday for Shawn's birthday and I even managed to get his name on the announcment board. We love the Quakes games it is our time to escape with our family.
What else has been going on? Well I know I talked about having to take my CSET in Feb. and I got my results on Monday. Lets just say I have to go back and redo i part of it. I passed the art history part but I was 5 points from passing on the studio arts part of it. I can't start the credential program until I pass both parts so I get to go back and retake it in May.
So we leave for our beach trip vacation in 2 months and 4 days and lets just say that I am not ready at all. I am ready for a vacation but not shorts or tank tops. I am going out today and stocking the house so that Shawn and I can start weight watchers tomorrow. I think that as a team we can do alot better than we have been when I cook for them and for myself. I am going to do things the kids will like so that I am not in the kitchen all day. he hardest part is with our hecktic life lately we have been at baseball at 4:30 and haven't been home and eating dinner until 9pm and fast food has been our staple because I can't cook at 9 at night. I am going to look for some crockpot recipies and some things I can heat up in the microwave.
So I will post Friday with how our first days goes. Hvae a great Tues and Wed.

Monday, April 6, 2009

With time off from school I thought I would be able to get so much done. Not the case. I spent the week cleaning house, being a better Mom as far as homework and school with the boys, and a majority went to little league practice which is kind of consuming our lives right now. I don't mind one bit but it is a lot of time.
I am back to school tomorrow with a very busy 18 unit quarter in store for me. I can say that as of today I have 75 days until my graduation. I am so thrilled that I will have the entire summer off to be a Mom and wife. I miss being a stay at home Mom with only that to concentrate on.
So we are out of town next weekend for Easter and Monday is Shawn's 31st birthday. We are taking him to a Quakes game and bowling per his request.
I am excited but knew with these events coming up especially 3 days camping that there was no way I was going to diet. Shawn and I talked for a long time last night and we both with each other support are going to start weight watchers on April 16. I will go shopping on the 15th and get things in order. We decided to start mid week so that we have the willpower to get through the weekend. SO I am taking the week off of the blog so that I have lots to talk about next week. So look for me on Wed. with the starting weight and all that fun stuff. 74 days until we leave for vacation and I am nowhere near where I want to be for bathing suit season.
See ya next wed.
Oh And Happy Easter everyone<3