Monday, April 6, 2009

With time off from school I thought I would be able to get so much done. Not the case. I spent the week cleaning house, being a better Mom as far as homework and school with the boys, and a majority went to little league practice which is kind of consuming our lives right now. I don't mind one bit but it is a lot of time.
I am back to school tomorrow with a very busy 18 unit quarter in store for me. I can say that as of today I have 75 days until my graduation. I am so thrilled that I will have the entire summer off to be a Mom and wife. I miss being a stay at home Mom with only that to concentrate on.
So we are out of town next weekend for Easter and Monday is Shawn's 31st birthday. We are taking him to a Quakes game and bowling per his request.
I am excited but knew with these events coming up especially 3 days camping that there was no way I was going to diet. Shawn and I talked for a long time last night and we both with each other support are going to start weight watchers on April 16. I will go shopping on the 15th and get things in order. We decided to start mid week so that we have the willpower to get through the weekend. SO I am taking the week off of the blog so that I have lots to talk about next week. So look for me on Wed. with the starting weight and all that fun stuff. 74 days until we leave for vacation and I am nowhere near where I want to be for bathing suit season.
See ya next wed.
Oh And Happy Easter everyone<3

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