Friday, November 30, 2007

Nov. 30, 2007
I got my art history paper back yesterday. Lets just say that I was really on the wrong track. I got a 58.5% or an F. My first college F. I would be more upset but the highest grade was a C so I am about average with the class who all did bad. I know now that I just have to do really well on my final.
Shawn had company over last night to watch football. Matt and John were here when I got home from school. You should have seen my kitchen when I got home. They made steak and had about 30 spices out on the counter. Fun clean up for me.
I weighed in this morning at 156.6 which is 1/2 pound away from 60 lost. I feel like I am getting closer to the 140 then 160. I had girl in one of my classes ask me last night if I have lost weight since starting school becasue I look thinner then when she met me. I said yes and then added it up in my head. I started school 10 weeks ago and have lost 19 pounds. I love reality checks like that. I still know I am on track. I was saying last night for the first time I feel like I am going to succeed. I don't think I can fail. I have done so many diets before going in with the idea of failure and failing. This time I knew I wanted to succeed and I feel like I have. Yeah to me.
Have a great Friday. TGIF

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nov. 29, 2007
Big night in our house tonight. Green Bay plays Dallas tonight. Matt is coming over and I am going to try to get home to see some of the game.
Yesterday I finished my Shawn shopping for Christmas. I was able to get a ton of stuff from his list, I love sales.
I have school today and finals next week. Busy, busy. I have reviews in all my classes today for next week. I get my paper back today for art history. A few people have gotten theirs back with d and f grades. I am hoping for the best but not expecting much. Yuck.
I weighed in this morning at 158.0 which is 58.2 pounds lost. 58.2 pounds seems like so much. Where was I hiding all that? I will go with butt and boobs. ok not, but a girl can dream.
Anything else, let me see. Garrett is going to be trying out for Peter Pan at his school he wasn't to be a star like the twinkle kind, it has the least lines. Cody is studying lines for a Christmas play at school as well. I have no idea what Cody's is just that he says Seven Days, is that what the middle candle holder is for.
I guess my life is kind of boring today. Normal mom stuff.
Have a good day,

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nov. 28, 2007
Good morning everyone.
I had a great time yesterday. My necklaces sold really well. I had 50 that made it to the table once my professor took a few and I owed people a few in exchange for helping me make them. Out of the 50 30 of them sold. We were in a very low traffic area hidden in the art building. I would say just about every person who came by looked at or bought some. The prices were lower then I had hoped but I just wanted to sell as many as I could to get my name out there. I sold them for 10-24 depending on the size and quality. All of the ones for 24 sold. The ones left are all the ones I just put out there to see what would happen. The ugly ones I guess you could say. I have a few people who liked them so much they have asked me to make them certain designs. One girl wants a nautical star, another a brand from a cow on a necklace. I guess there is a need for personalized stuff out there. All in all I say it went good. After paying the clay club %20 for letting me set my stuff up and paying Shawn back for the supplies to make the necklaces I pocketed 140.00 not bad for my first time. I was happy with the results. Now I know also which ones went first and which not to make again.
Ok so no more necklace talk.
I weighed in this morning at 158.6 so 57 pounds and change. I am taking the slow road now. I am figuring out how to live this way and kep the weight down. I am loving being thinner. I was talking woth Shawn last night and I cannot believe how different I feel now. I also see how differently I am treated and accepted by outsiders. It is like on the Tv shows when they put the person in the fat suit for a day and see how they are treated. Now I am the skinny girl again that appreciates people alot more for more then just looks. Ok enough sappy talk.
I am off to study for a final.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Launched my web site. Check it out.
Nov. 26, 2007
Can I just tell you how happy I am that this holiday weekend is over. I love my family, and seeing everyone. I love thinking about all that we are blessed to have. I love all of it. I hate the food. This weekend was a challange. The stuffing won more then once in my battle to get healthy and thin. I will not eat anymore leftovers. I wont do it!!!
This weekend was crazy in my student life as well. I spent half the day Friday over at school getting a bunch of final projects wrapped up and finished and working on my necklaces. Those necklaces will be the death of me. I was back at school yesterday the whole day 10 am to 10 pm. Good news is I got 56 necklaces done and ready for the sale. I never have to see them again. I also got my final project done. So if you add all that up I am done with my class, all I have to do is show up 3 more times and I am on Christmas break. Next week is finals so I will be studying like a maniac for that.
I think Thanksgving went really well for my diet. I didn't gain anything. I was really careful and only had like 4 bites of pie. I woke up on Friday and the scale didn't move. For dinner I had stuffing, Sat. dinner was stuffing. Sun I had a cheeseburger at a school bbq. I am so THANKFUL it is over. I woke up this morning 1/2 a pound up from where I was on Thursday morning. I did much better weigh wise then I thought I was going to. I worked my butt off this weekend so I think the activity being up helped a ton in not gaining. I am 2-3 weeks behind in all my tv shows, I plan the first week I have off from school being a couch potato and having marathons of Greys Anatomy, Ghost whisperer, and all the other junk I try to keep up on.
Well I hope you all had a great holiday. Check out my pics below of the final necklaces and let me know what you think, or if there is one you really would love to have.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well here they are a few pics of my final necklaces. What do ya think. I will let you know how they do at the sale.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nov. 24, 2007
We went to play flag football this morning with some of our family and friends. We had fun and the boys got to go ice blocking for the first time ever. They enjoyed themselves and are excited to tell their friends.
Thanksgiving went fantastically. Everyone had a good time and I did really well in my eating. I woke up on friday and was the same weight I was on Wed. Morning. The only bad part was we had leftovers. Ali did not do so well in turning down leftover stuffing, green bean cassarole, and turkey. I have had leftover for dinner two nights now. The scale has gone up but I will tell you the final number for the holiday weekend after it is over.
I went to school on Friday for a few hours like I had planned and got a ton done. I got there at 9 am and I had campus police let me into the ceramics studio. One I was in the room I was alone for about 3 hours before someone showed up. It was scarry in that I am not used to the noises and all that but awesome in that I had to figure it all out on my own. I have learned alot. My necklaces will all be done tomorrow so I am going to pick them up and finish them tomorrow night. I got all the necklaces and gift boxes for them. Now all I have to do is sell them. Hope it goes well.
Ok well I am off to relax since the kids are going to bed. See ya on Monday.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nov. 21, 2007
Whoo hoo I am in the 150's. Ok not by much but I am still there. I weighed in this morning at 159.8 Yeah again.
So I am taking the day to get ready for Thanksgiving. I have so much to do. With school being so out of control I have not done anything to prepare. I do have most of the food. I need to make one more trip today for all the little stuff. My house is a mess. Not to bad but toys, laundry, all the stuff you do for company. Shaould be a fun and busy day. I am going to have help. My Mom is coming over from 10-4 to help get everything in order. Gotta love Mom's.
I also did not get my necklaces finished so I am at school for a few hours on Fri and half the day on Sun. Hey I guess I have to put some effort in if I am going to see these things. I sold my first one yesterday. I have a new friend at school from N.Y. who saw one and wanted it before she even saw the finished product. I will post a few pics of them on here as soon as I get some done.
I got my midterm grade for ceramics and I have an A. I was excited. I guess it is pretty hard to get an A so I was even more excited when I heard that. I am finally loving school. I may not love the classes but I look forward to seeing the people and spending time doing my art. I love ceramics and I am so glad after all these years I am finally going to make it my career.
Ok off to clean and all that fun stuff.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nov. 20, 2007
I got my paper done again and it is turned in so I am officially free of school for a few days. What does this mean? This means that I have 1 day to get everything ready for Thanksgiving. I have done nothing at all to get ready. I have not even gotten all of the food yet. Wed. should be a fun day. Best part is we have the entire weekend free to do whatever we feel like. I love those kind of weekends. I will have to sneak to school long enought to do a little work in ceramics but hey thats only part of the 3 days.
I am at school actually typing this while I am supposed to be taking notes. Gotta love internet at school.
Ok so I weighed in this morning at 161.0. I am once again so close to the 150's. I am hoping tomake it before Thanksgiving even if it is only for 1 day. I have decided to eat alot of turkey and a little of the sides I love. I may even use a smaller plate.
Ok off to really take notes.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Nov. 19, 2007
What a fun weekend we had.
Sat. we went to a Kings hockey game and got to sit in a suite. We went with Kevin, Tera and family. Everyone thought we were there for Marcus's b-day, he got to ride the Zambonee. It was a great time and got even better when Kevin Proposed to Tera and she of course said yes. I love engagments. We are jsut thrilled that our Kevin has found someone special to spend his life with.
After the hockey game we went to our nephews b-day party. We got there kind of late but the party was still going strong. I did eat a few thing that I shouldn't have. You have to understand one thing about their parties you wlk in the door and a plate is put in your hand. Eat, eat, eat. I love Ms. Paggao but she is hard to tell no.
Sun. I woke up dead sick. I was a little sick starting Thursday but yesterday it knocked me on my butt. I tookk airbourne which my Mom swares by but I guess I started taking it too late. So yesterday I slept 90% of the day and ate the other 10% I felt like crap but was still hungry. Oh well.
So today I am feeling a little bit better. I don't feel like an elephant is sitting on my head anymore. Now it feels more like a smaller farm animal.
Ok so here is the bad news I had another gaining weekend. I seem to be stuck between 163-160 I work all week to get down to 160 and then all weekend to go back up to 162.? I wouldn't say it is a plateu becasue if I didn't have a bad weekend I would be down. I guess I just need to get stronger. Should be a fun week with Thanksgiving. Strength is what I am praying for this week.
Oh I weighed in at 162.8 again....
Have a great Monday. I am rewriting a paper and Registering for school. BUSY again.

oh check out these pic I got from Megan of this years beach trip. I was so glad I got to look at this when I no longer looked like this. I thought I looked cute. AHHHH moment. Yuck. Shawn actually saw this and thanked me for losing weight. He would have never told me then but now he actually said he is glad I can wear cute stuff and look cute. he said that even when I tried to look cute he didn't always find me attractive. Honest but oh man I had no idea how bad I looked. I look pregnant and sorry to say this but my A** looks huge. I look at these and I feel like I am looking at someone else. So glad I dont look like that anymore. So if you have any fat pics of me from beach or other events I would love you to email them to me so I can see or post them here. Sounds strange but they really are a big help for me.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nov. 17, 2007
Ok since I left you out in the cold all week I decided to do a Sat. catch up. First and formost I owe you all a big apology. I ask for your help and support and then I fail you.
I am really sorry.
School is coming to an end in a few weeks so it seems like all of the classes have gone into overload. My classes are suddenly more demnading then what I was expecting. Shawn has said maybe I should cut down next quarter. I say I can handle it. This week the house stayed fairly clean, the laundry was done and the kids fed. Mostly by Shawn but hey who's keeping track.
My paper that I thought was done I showed to my teacher and I was way off on what she wanted so Mon. I am redoing the entire thing. Ceramics is having a sale in a few weeks so I am pulling all my stuff together and trying to figure out what to sell as well asmaking as many necjlaces as I can to sell for a little extra dough to buy Shawn something for Christmas. He wants and Ipod so I am doing all I can to get him one. My night drawing class is going well next week is a self portrait. All my pics are fat pics so I will have to go on a photo shoot to get a good now shot.
Life in general is just busy. We are getting ready for Thanksgiving this week. Cleaning, organizing, and planning. I am looking forward to finals in a afew weeks and then a little bit of downtime with the family before we do it all again. I must say that I am thankful to have my kids to ground me. If I was single or married with no kids I would be at school all of the time. It is so easy for the day to pass by there. I always seem to have a million things to do there. I come home and I am still student but mostly Mom and wife.
I was pretty good this week in not eating bad stuff my only problems is I didn't have time to eat real meals so did snacky stuff alot. Cheese, yogurt, veggies, and lots of caffine. I think I slowed my metabolism down by not eating like I should so I lost but not much. I am 160.8 this morning. Still so close to the 150's I can taste it.
Today we are going to a kings game it should be fun.
So I am trying to come up with a catchy buisness name for selling my ceramics under. Any ideas???? I am making buisness cards to attach to my work at the caramics sale. So far I was thinking CaliAli Designs or AliBee DesignZ. What do you think? I am open for suggestions. ANything!!!!
I will be better at writing next week. I know that this is one of my priorities. I will make time for all of you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nov. 15, 2007
I am at school today again . Yesterday I wrote my research paper. Yeah I have a free weekend of no school work.
I weighed in this morning at 161.2 55 pounds gone. Yeah again.
Well I am off to become a great artist...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nov. 14, 2007
Here I am...School has kicked me in the butt the last few days. I had a big drawing project that I put off and had to do, I have a 10 page paper due and I have not started, and I have a ceramics sale for school in a few weeks that I am trying to throw some stuff together for to make some money off of my art. mostly just to afford my clay habit.
Lets see what have I been up to. Sat. we went to my sis in laws graduation party she got her B.A. Yeah Roxanna. Then Sat night we went to Shawn's boss's 40th b-day party at a bar and Ali was not the designated driver that night. I kinda over did it. I had alot of fun though. Sun. was football and company. Jim came into town and stayed with us all weekend and then My sis, Dirk, and Megs came over and hung out. It was fun. I still think it is crazy how big Megan is.
So I had no idea that my blog was going to be so popular. I have friends from a few states that read, and a few friends who I have not see or talked to in years who check in on me but i got a few comments from other people who I don't even know who that are reading my blog. I have a person in Az. and one in Canada I have gone international. I guess I am an insperation even though I am just going for a journey. I am just glad if I can make one person feel better about
I weighed in this morning at 161.4 trying to get back down again.
Well I am off to actually start my paper.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nov. 13, 2007
Super busy weekend and week so far. I will post more tomorrow. I just didn't want you all to think I was ditching you.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Nov. 9, 2007
I got to go to this amazing ceramics collection in the Claremont colleges yesterday. There was a man who was a teacher and to help students would buy students work for them to buy clay or live. When he passed away he donated his collection to the colleges. When he passed away he had about 1500 pieces in his collection. They do not have the funds to set it up properly so for now it is all on open shelves and in file cabinet drawers. You are able to pick up and touch everything. I was like a kid in a candy store. It was amazing. The craziest part is some of the artists who's work he bought ended up being really famous in the ceramics world. Awesome time.
I got a killer headache yesterday and ended up in bed early. It was one of those headaches that light, sound, smells everything just hurts. I feel much better today.
I weighed in this morning at 159.4 and was so excited to see the number I weighed in again and this time it was 161.4 so I weighed a few more times and it was 161.4 again all the other times. What a bummer. Awesome part is I am so close to being in the 150's. I cannot wait.
I am off to clean and get ready for a weekend of guests, parties, and football. I sound like a man. Oh well.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nov. 8, 2007
I am short and sweet today, or at least my blog is going to be. We ordered pizza last nigth and I didn't eat any, not even one bite. I made a salad instead. I am going to a ceramics museum today for school. Should be fun. I weighed in at 162.0 again. We made christmas lists last night and for the first time I was not embarresed to tell Shawn what size I wore. I used to tell him to get gift cards so I wouldn't have to tell him. Should be fun to see what he ends up with.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nov. 7, 2007
What a day I had yesterday. I got my midterm back and I got a C. Yuck. I have some ideas of what I did wrong but still feel lost in the class. As long as I get a c or better for my final grade in the class I am fine. I also turned in some drawings for my drawing class and I got another A so I have an A in the class. Yeah.
i am feeling like a failure of a Mom today. Cody gave me a paper like a month ago for a project we are supposed to do. I put it on top if the fridge and forget about it. it was due on Monday and I forgot. It makes my heart hurt because I let him down. Now we have 2 days to do the whole thing before hos grade is affected. I will be working my butt off to help him get it done. What an ass I feel like.
I weighed in this morning at 162.0 I love when the scale moves. I am 1/2 a pound away from 55 pounds lost. To put my weight loss into perspective I like to compare it to something I can see and feel. Cody weighs 54 pounds. If you think about it I have lost an entire Cody. Where was I storing all of that? Goodness it seems huge when you look at it like that.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nov. 6, 2007
Well I have a new partner in weight loss. I am not sure if I should say names but I am thrilled to have a new person to share this with. The best part is this person is doing a form of the same diet I am and so far is doing really well. I think it is really cool to have someone to talk to and share the experiance with.
Yesterday I had a ton of homework and spent the day drawing. I am not a drawing fan. I actually don't enjoy it much at all. I think that the only drawing class that I have to take is the one I am currently taking which is great. I got my new schedule of classes and need to sit down and figure my next quarter out.
I ran on the treadmill yesterday and had a great day of smart eating. I have already packed my lunch for today. Garrett really wants me to get to 54 pounds lost because his name is on the sheet for 54. I am at 51.8 so I am getting really close. He is keeping a close watch on me. If I keep losing I have a ton of sponsors coming up every few pounds there is a name. I think some people signed up for high numbers thinking I wouldn't get there now I am almost there. Yeah to me. So I weighed in this morning at 164.4 so 2 pounds down from yesterday. Gotta love the treadmill.
Tomorrow is my 4 month mark on the diet. I cannot believe it;s been 4 mo already.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Nov. 5, 2007
Thanksgiving is coming faster then we think. With Thanksgiving at our house we have reasons to finish all the projects we keep putting off. I purchased fabric about 3 months ago to make curtains for the fish room and it has been staring at me daily. I took this weekend to make the curtains. Once I got those ones done I decided to make ones for the garage, dining room, boys room, and bathroom. I had a sewing weekend. So now all my windows look finished. Yeah.
Shawn went to his parents and picked up an air hockey table and ping pong table they were getting rid of. I also bought a dart board and the garage is now a fun room. We had like 6 boys over all weekend playing. Should be useful in the future.
So we had a fun weekend of getting the house in order. To think that all we wanted was a house and now we are in it. Gotta love it.
So this weekend I had a freebe weekend of whatever I wanted to eat. I am restarting again today. I am thinking of changing to a more longterm diet like weight watchers because I think it will be easier to do in my daily life. I still am not sure if I am ready or if I should wait until I get lower in weight. I weighed in this morning at 166.4. I ran on the treadmill this morning and am restarting my diet from scratch so that I can remember what is ok and what is not. I kind of got to the point that I forgot what I should be eating and my weight loss has slowed way down.
Have a great Monday.
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Friday, November 2, 2007

This post is more for me then you guys. It is a reminder to me of how different I look. I don't feel thinner. Mentally I am still heavy. My clothes fit better and that part I know. Thanks for the support everyone.

Nov. 2, 2007
I made it throught this crazy week. I think I did ok on my midterm, I get it back on Tuesday. I am tired and need a day off. This week was more then I wanted to handle. I honestly don't feel like posting today. I really want to go sit on the couch and take the day off. I am going to drink my coffee with a blanket and watch the shows I have tivo'd and have to catch up ok. It is going to be a good day of nothing.
Have a great weekend. I don't know my weight this morning, I forgot to get on the scale. I.m telling you, I am mentally toast today.

A few funny comments I have gotten lately. I went to the market and happened to buy some beer. I had garrett with me and the lady asked for id. When she saw my age she though I was like 21-22 and garrett was my brother. Someone else told me that I look so small. My Mom told me that the skinnier I get the littler I look, when I said thanks she explained that she meant as I get skinnier I look short and petite aparently she had forgotten how short I was. So I guess weight ages you is what I got out of all of these and makes you look taller. Why can't I be small and tall. Oh well Ill take what I can get.