Monday, November 5, 2007

Nov. 5, 2007
Thanksgiving is coming faster then we think. With Thanksgiving at our house we have reasons to finish all the projects we keep putting off. I purchased fabric about 3 months ago to make curtains for the fish room and it has been staring at me daily. I took this weekend to make the curtains. Once I got those ones done I decided to make ones for the garage, dining room, boys room, and bathroom. I had a sewing weekend. So now all my windows look finished. Yeah.
Shawn went to his parents and picked up an air hockey table and ping pong table they were getting rid of. I also bought a dart board and the garage is now a fun room. We had like 6 boys over all weekend playing. Should be useful in the future.
So we had a fun weekend of getting the house in order. To think that all we wanted was a house and now we are in it. Gotta love it.
So this weekend I had a freebe weekend of whatever I wanted to eat. I am restarting again today. I am thinking of changing to a more longterm diet like weight watchers because I think it will be easier to do in my daily life. I still am not sure if I am ready or if I should wait until I get lower in weight. I weighed in this morning at 166.4. I ran on the treadmill this morning and am restarting my diet from scratch so that I can remember what is ok and what is not. I kind of got to the point that I forgot what I should be eating and my weight loss has slowed way down.
Have a great Monday.
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Anonymous said...

Hey there Ali~~

Since Ali P told me about your blog I have been a faithful follower in your journey to lose the weight!! I have been cheering for you every time you see the scale move down!! Keep up the good are doing fantastic!!! We all have those days or weeks where we have lapses but then we can move forward from there!!!