Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nov. 17, 2007
Ok since I left you out in the cold all week I decided to do a Sat. catch up. First and formost I owe you all a big apology. I ask for your help and support and then I fail you.
I am really sorry.
School is coming to an end in a few weeks so it seems like all of the classes have gone into overload. My classes are suddenly more demnading then what I was expecting. Shawn has said maybe I should cut down next quarter. I say I can handle it. This week the house stayed fairly clean, the laundry was done and the kids fed. Mostly by Shawn but hey who's keeping track.
My paper that I thought was done I showed to my teacher and I was way off on what she wanted so Mon. I am redoing the entire thing. Ceramics is having a sale in a few weeks so I am pulling all my stuff together and trying to figure out what to sell as well asmaking as many necjlaces as I can to sell for a little extra dough to buy Shawn something for Christmas. He wants and Ipod so I am doing all I can to get him one. My night drawing class is going well next week is a self portrait. All my pics are fat pics so I will have to go on a photo shoot to get a good now shot.
Life in general is just busy. We are getting ready for Thanksgiving this week. Cleaning, organizing, and planning. I am looking forward to finals in a afew weeks and then a little bit of downtime with the family before we do it all again. I must say that I am thankful to have my kids to ground me. If I was single or married with no kids I would be at school all of the time. It is so easy for the day to pass by there. I always seem to have a million things to do there. I come home and I am still student but mostly Mom and wife.
I was pretty good this week in not eating bad stuff my only problems is I didn't have time to eat real meals so did snacky stuff alot. Cheese, yogurt, veggies, and lots of caffine. I think I slowed my metabolism down by not eating like I should so I lost but not much. I am 160.8 this morning. Still so close to the 150's I can taste it.
Today we are going to a kings game it should be fun.
So I am trying to come up with a catchy buisness name for selling my ceramics under. Any ideas???? I am making buisness cards to attach to my work at the caramics sale. So far I was thinking CaliAli Designs or AliBee DesignZ. What do you think? I am open for suggestions. ANything!!!!
I will be better at writing next week. I know that this is one of my priorities. I will make time for all of you.

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