Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26, 2008
Normally I go on and on about how much I love school. I don't mind going at all. It makes my day to get up and go to school all day. Then came summer school. Yuck, I hate it. I wait for Shawn to walk in the door and as soon as he does I walk out. That is problem one. I hate leaving my family when I know they are relaxing for the night. Then I have a boring class with a terrible teacher who reads her notes word for word from the computer. 4 hours of this would be boring to anyone. Needless to say I am not thrilled with the class or teacher. Can't wait for the 6 weeks to be over and start what I am going to assume to be another boring night class. Oh well less then a year until I graduate.
In life we are party planning. Today we are getting all the food and stuff pulled together. Tomorrow will be cleaning and setting up. The boys are excited about their party but would rather go swimming then be involved in planning it. I don't blame them at all. So I am heading to the market and party store today.
Tomorrow we are going to a Quakes game. One of our favorite family things to do. We head down when Shawn gets home from work and relax in the evening air, eat hotdogs, talk to the players and those who get stuck sitting around our crazy kids. Just have fun.
Ok well off to party plan. Have a good day.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wed. June 25, 2008
I am having quite a time getting back into the swing of being home. I am still doing laundry after 3 days. I am seeing an end in sight today. Yeah. I made dinner last night and for the first time in years didn't clean it up right after dinner. So this morning I woke up to a dirty kitchen which I HATE.
We are having a party for all 3 of my sons this weekend. All of their birthdays fell in a 2 week stretch so we lump them all together and have a big swim party. here was my problem we had a heck of a time finding a pool. We looked for 2 days and finally we found one that would work. We set it up last night and it is HUGE. I am not kidding, it is more like a doughboy pool then a blow up pool. So the plan for today is I am going swimming with all of the boys. The funny part is there still will be more room in the pool if anyone wants to join us :) it's HUGE.
So I finally decided to weigh myself after the beach trip and I am now wishing I hadn't. I weighed in at 181. OUCH! That is the heaviest I have been since losing the weight. Which means I have put 30 pounds back on. I am feeling very sad to even admit this. When I started this blog I said I would always tell my correct weight so there you go. I am ashamed and embarresed. I talked with Shawn and after discussing July 3rd baseball, July 4th BBq. I am going to restart my diet on July 7th. That is the one year date from when I started last year and happens to fall on a Mon.. Something signifiacant about that.
Ok I am going to stop writing before I decided to delete my last paragraph.
Have a good Wed.

Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Garrett! 11 years ago today I was int the hospital having my oldest son. Seems like just yesterday. Crazy to think Garrett is going to be 11 years old and in junior high. Last night we ordered pizza and watched open season. We gave Garrett the choice of going anywhere for dinner and he decided to stay home and have a family movie. Today we are going to get ice cream from where ever he wants. Tonight I have school so Shawn and Matt are going to hang out with Garrett and get fast food or something. Sat. is the big party for all 3 boys.

Also we are back from our family beach trip. It was the best beach trip yet. The weather was perfect. the kids were easy and had alot of fun. We swam, and hung out by the beach for hours eeach day. When we weren't on the shore we were by our trailer with family playing Mahjong, scrabble, talking, the normal for the beach. Pj discovered the water so he was non stop in the water. Cody dug for sandcrabs for hours. Garrett boogie boarded for hours. I boogie boarded for the first time in like 20 years. Shawn just enjoyed the time off. it was awesome and We can't wait to go back again next year.

Ok so with all the eating at the beach I am in bad weight shape. I am going to get through this week and Monday after all the crazy stuff is over I am restarting some diet. I am thinking of following my Sis in law and doing a program called prism. She has been doing it for a little while this year and once before with much success. I am ready for a healthy diet. I can't keep this roller coaster.

So this week I am back to school for 2 nights a week. I am not thrilled but I will be done in 1 year. so you gotta do what you gotta do.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well the kids are officially out of school for the summer and I am now the mom of a junior higher. These are pics of the kids with their teachers, Cody getting the HUG award, Cody and his best friend Brock, and garrett's graduation.
Off to study but I wanted to share.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008
What a day. Cody was 2nd grader of the trimester for his class. It was a pretty big deal. Only 3 kids per class get the honor of getting the hug award. So yeah for Cody. When the kids got off the bus Garrett came running in so excited because he got student of the month for his class as well as a citizenship award for helping around campus. It was a great day to be a parent when you see it paying off in little ways.
I just finished ironing a shirt for Garrett to wear to his 5th grade graduation. I still remember my 5th grade graduation. it is crazy how quickly they grow up.
Tomorrow we have Garrett's graduation, the last day of school for both of the older boys, and as a fun little thing we let Garrett pick where he wants to go to lunch and he picked Red Lobster. We are heading there for lunch with just Garrett. Should be fun and a very busy day. I am just so thrilled that we made it through another school year.
Have a good day,

Monday, June 9, 2008

garrett is now a yellow belt with a black stripe in Karate. He got his belt on Friday. Garrett was not happy that he didn't get a double promotion like he was wanting so he went up and confronted the teacher. I was very proud that he was willing to talk to his teacher about it. I told him that if he didn't talk to his teacher and find out why then he would be unhappy about not asking him so he did. Turns out Garrett missed 1 class the friday before Easter and that is the only reason he didn't get a double promotion. He got 100% on the test and the teacher thinks he is ready to go to an orange belt. Made me feel bad because he wanted to go to karate before we left for camping and we convinced him it was no big deal. OOps.
Garrett is also graduating from 5th grade on Wed. I cannot believe that he is going to be a Junior High student next year.
We also got a phone call to let us know that Cody is going to be getting an award at school. They couldn't tell us what it is just that he is getting something special. So tomorrow I am going to the school for that. Also we are very proud of Cody in his school work. He read a ton of books and took little tests on each of them. At the school if you get enough books in the year you get to go to a special BBQ with the priciple. Cody got to go to the bbq with a few other students in the school. He was so excited.
Well just had to let you all know how the kids are.
June 9, 2008
Well despite all the talk about getting things going for the beach trip we really didn't get all that much done. We had a fantastic weekend of being a family. We went to the Quakes game on Sat. evening. We got the trailer emptied out and ready to lead. We went to costco and priced everything. We also tried like 3 new recipies to see if they would be a good meal for the beach. So we did beach stuff but nothing productive. So we are still in the same boat of having almost nothing ready for the beach. It all comes down to Friday.
Other then beach planning, it is all about school. I am going to studying my butt off. I have a final on Thur. that if I don't pass I will have to retake the class. Ouch.
Tonight we are going to another Quakes game with a few family friends.
Alright off to life,

Friday, June 6, 2008

June 6, 2008
Well 1 week down and 1 to go. I finished my last real week of school. I have finals all day next Thur. and then I am offically a senior in college. I can't believe it. I have been a full time student for a year at csusb. Now I just have to study for a huge final that if I don't pass means I don't pass the class, do a project that is about 5 pages with a presentation to the class, and finish a ceramics project which means making about 10 necklaces. I am not really concerned about anything but the science final.
Our plans for this weekend are a quakes game, church in Upland, and beach trip planning. We are going to write down everything we need and then next Friday I will wake up and get it all done in one day. To be honest we haven't even planned our meal to share with everyone which normally we have done like in April. I feel so out of sorts. I wish I hade 1 more week to get everything ready before leaving for the beach. I told SHawn I am going to need alot moe help getting everything done. I usually have it done when he is at work and then get some help with the big stuff, Not this time.
Then to top it off we are planning the boys party for the weekend after we get back from the beach. I start school 2 nights a week for the summer on the Tues after we back from the beach. So yet another event to wait to plan until the last min. I am honestly glad that we do so much entertaining that we have this down to a tee.
The plan for today is to knock out one of my presentations. Garrett has his karate belt presentation tonight. He had his test last week to see if he is ready to move to the next belt. So we are hoping that tonight he will no longer be a yellow but a yellow with lack stripe.
alright off for now, if you don't hear from me next week I think you know why.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4, 2008
Sorry it has been so long. Life is busy as you all know. School is in it last few weeks so that has been priority #1.
This weekend went well. Everything fell into place. Garrett did great at his karate stuff, he didn't win a trophy but Shawn said he did great and garrett said he had fun. My Clay club stuff went well. Nothing to crazy.
This week I am tied up in a million school projects I have to get done. I have things all over ceramics, a huge project due for my computer class, and a huge final next thur. for my science class. I can't even begin to think about our beach trip yet which makes me sad. By now we usually have everything planned and written out, this year nothing. Oh well.
Ok lets be honest about the diet. I have not been on track. With as much stuff going on in life I have not taken the time to plan meals and do alot on the run. I am basically going to just make it through finals and the beach and then start a whole new run at this from square 1 after we get back from vacation. I feel like if I am dieting and planning there, I am lacking somewhere else. To give everything priority and give it my all I am waiting until after vacation. Once we are back and things slow down a bit I am going to start logging my food, and goign back to where I was last summer. If I am going to get to goal by Dec. then I need to get my butt in gear.
Have a great day. i will try to post again when I get time.