Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28, 2008
I made it through clay day. It was a fantastic time. It was the first time I had the chance to work in a ceramics studio with the age group that I will be hopefully working with in a few years. I had alot of fun and was so impressed by some of the students. They were amazing.
Sat. night we went to a wedding of some friends of ours. It was fun and we got to see alot of people that we don't get the chance to see very often.
Sun. we moved Pj into a big boy bed and got rid of all of his baby furniture. He didn't seem to minf until he saw the bed drive away in the bacl of a truck. He got over it once he went and jumped on his full size bed. His room is a total design mess with blue walls and green and brown bedding but his b-day is coming soon and we will be buying him new bedding.
Lets see the rest of Sun. we recouped from our long and busy weekend. We bbq in the backyard and listened to music whiel the kids played.
So we have company coming to stay with us. Jim Peeler is flying in and staying at our house for a few days. Shawn and Jim are going to Bishop this weekend for a mens fishing weekend. I will be home with the boys getting some necklaces finished up for the Mothers day clay sale next week.
Ok for the getting skinny stuff. I am kind of at a stand still right now. It is extremely hard to diet while I am in school. It seems like tons of stuff revolves around food. Many of the days I get in one meal and it is a stop at the bookstore and see what is in the case. Many sandwhiches. So I am in the process of deciding if I shoudl continue to diet or keep it easy on myself, get through this quarter and restart in the summer. i am really not sure yet. I know I cannot promise to not cheat in the next few weeks so I am mentally tired of the diet talk with myself. I think I really need to be able to really concontrate on the diet and it is just really hard to do on my busy school days.
Well I am off to a giant pile of laundry that didn't get done on Friday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23, 2008
I will be honest from the start.
I have not been feeling great at all. You know when you are starting to get sick and feel kind of blah. Well that is how I feel.
I decied not to diet to see if that was causing my feeling in the dumps. I ate and felt so much better. I still am fighting a cold but I have more energy.
So for now I am not going back on that diet. I just need a healthy eating plan that I have options. I guess if diets were "easy" we would all be skinny.
So I am going to take the rest of the week off from the diet front. I have a big clay event at school on Sat. and I an getting stressed planning that. Lots going on so I will not be blogging or posting until next Monday. I have blogged everyday for almost a year without a break. Well this week I am taking a little time off from dieting, weight loss, all that. So I will talk again next Monday after my crazy week has slowed down.

Monday, April 21, 2008

April 21, 2008
We worked our butts off this weekend. Sat morning Shawn had to work so the boys and I cleaned the house and yard while he was gone. When he got home in the afternoon we decided to clean the garage which had gotten out of control. Well our cleaning turned into a weekend redo of the garage. Shawn built shelves and we organized junk from when we moved in almost 2 years ago. Yeah. I can park my car in the garage again. So we stayed really busy.
Eating was really easy on Sat. I did really well with no slip ups.
Sunday was another story. I woke up and felt like I was getting sick. I am not sure if it is all the dust from cleaning or what. So I have no energy, a headache, and just feel kind of crappy.
Breakfast was oatmeal, lunch was tuna with a little mayo, onion, and sweet pickle, snack was a big bowl of strawberries with splenda, a coffee with cream and splenda, and dinner was .......taco bell. I know those damn burritoes. I dod ok, I had a soft taco with chicken and salsa only and it is diet friendly, and I had a burrito with rice, cheese, and sour cream, not diet friendly. I am mad at myslef this morning but last night I didn't care. I was tired and sick so I ate.
I weighed in this morning at 169 again seems to be my evil little circle of 170-166 where I am pretty comfy. So today I am still not feeling well, I just want to be in bed but I am going to stick to my guns and have a good week. I have decided to let myself have 1 "cheat" meal each week that I won't go crazy but I will eat. Like next weekend I know we are going to a wedding so that will be the cheat meal.
Ok well I am off to tidy the house from our long weekend living in the garage and letting the house go to the boys.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday April 19, 2008
I know Sat. and I am posting. Well I had to brag about how well the party last night went. I did so well. No cake, ice cream, margaritas, pina coladas, nothing. I took my salad and ate it at dinner and then strawberries with a little splenda and coffee creamer over them for dessert. I did have 1/2 of an andes mint.
I woke up this morning 2.5 pounds lighter. I know it is he beginning so it makes sense to lose like that but when you see a chunk come off it makes it more worth it.
Here is the plan for today. Shawn had to work so it is the boys and I for the day.
Woke up this morning and had one pack of healthy oatmeal with added protein and no sugar and of course the morning coffee.
Lunch will be either 2 eggs scrambled with spinich, or tuna salad.
Dinner turkey tacos with lettace instead of a shell.
my snacks will be 1 string cheese and 1 carb and sugar control yogurt.
I am doing a little more long term friendly plan that allows 2 grains a day(oatmeal)
I am going to aim for no less then 1000 cal. and no more then 1200
It is the biggest loser 4-3-2-1
4 c. min of fruits and veggies.
3 serving of protein
2 healthy grains
1 healthy fat like nuts, avocado, or a treat like diet friendly ice cream but it can't be more then 200 calories.
you break it up
45% of your calories from carbs like fruits and veggies,
30% from protein, and
25% healthy fats
Honestly I am a little confused about all the numbers so I am going to ask Shawn if he gets it or maybe go to the library and get the book.
Ok well off to be a Mom,

Friday, April 18, 2008

April 18, 2008
Good morning. I woke up yesterday and I was off to school to take a big midterm test. I packed my lunch and snacks for the day before I went. I had a great day, no cheats or temptations. I ate what I took and my only splurge was a coffee at school at 4pm with cream and splenda.
This morning I woke up and put on my running shoes and did a 1 mile fast walk before the kids left for school. I tried to run but ran out of breath really fast. Thought to myself I am really out of shape. Then looked at the incline and sure enough the kids had put it to a full incline the day before. So here I am trying to do a nice little run and the incline is kicking my butt. So 1 mile done. 1 mile is less then I would .like to do but I am going to work myself back up to more then that over a little time.
Now I am sitting at my laptop with my morning cup of coffee and getting mentally ready for the day.
Last week I told you about my addiction to the biggest loser and the girl named Ali well the finale was this week and she won the whole thing. She lost 112 pounds. I don't have that much to go but I was thrilled for her. She gave me a new modivation to get this whole diet thing back up and running.
So tonight we are going to a family party for Shawn and his brother. The plan was enchiladas but not for me. I am going to pack a yummy meal of my own and some yummy fruit for dessert so I feel like I fit in with everyone still. Sorry Mom no margaritas for me. This weekend Shawn has to work so it is hanging around the house for me and the kids. Should be fun and easy diet wise.
Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008
I am frustrated but ready. I am at the point where I am upset with myself that I have put 20 pounds back on. It is a daily thought of the weight beating me. I have a new quote.
"You have come to close to not get to the finish line"
I worked my butt of to get this weight off and no burrito is worth having to go through the pain of gaining it all back. When I wake up tomorrow it is a whole new diet start. I brought the treadmill back in today. I am going to have a nice dinner with my family tonight and wake up tomorrow with a whole new game plan. I am going to figure out a way to like exercise. I have to.
I don't want to be the fat or a little over weight one anymore. My goal was to have all the weight gone by our family beach trip this year. I have 40 pounds to go. We leave for the beach in 8 weeks. Here is my game plan. Don't cheat and exercise. Seems pretty simple doesn't it? Well I am going back to where I was in July of last year. I am determined to do this. I am to the point where I am not going to buy fat clothes again so there is only one option. Lose the weight.
I was talking with a friend from school yesterday and she asked what do you not like about your body? My reply was it just isn't where i want it to be for summer. So instead of keeping that thought in my mind everyday, I am going to get to where I want to be.
No mexican food, No margaritas, no ice cream.
Only fruit, veggies, lean protein, and of course my coffee with splenda and sugar free creamer.
Back to the basics.
Don't wish me luck, pray for me, I am going to need it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008

Clay is finally done. What do ya think? Kinda gross I know.
If you want a better look click on him and he gets bigger.

April 14, 2008
We had a super fun weekend.
Sat we went to seaoworld with some of the family for our nieces birthday. It was relaxing and fun to see everyone. We got home and headed to a Quakes game with my family for Shawn and my mom's birthday celebration. Another fun evening.
Sun we woke up and did some things around the house we had been putting off with our hectic life. Matt came over and we went to the Quakes game. It was a fun afternoon. Cody caught a foul ball that bounced out into the walkways behind the seats when he went to the bathroom. Later Matt caught a foul ball that almost went back on the field after it bounced in the seats. He almost didn't get it. It was awesome. Then after the game they threw victory balls into the stands and Garrett got one of those. It was a very eventful game. Then we came home and bbq and relaxed in the backyard and chatted. Shawn wanted a baseball game, Matt, and bbq for his birhtday so that is exactly what we did.
Happy Birthday Love.
As far as the diet goes I am sitting here debating if I want today to be a good day or an ok day. I ran out of coffee this morning. I need to go to the market so I guess We will see as the day goes on how I do. I have not weighed myself in awhile so I am not really sure how I am doing. I guess life is just busy with school and I like to give my fiets my all when I am on them. Well I am off to do the daily stuff.
Have a good one,

Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11, 2008
Lets see... I am not sure what to talk abot today. I have a very busy weekend coming up. The boys have karate tonight but it is their last night so they are getting their yellow belts tonight. Then Shawn has softball after but the boys and I are not going because we have to be up early tomorrow. Tomorrow we are going to Sea World for our nieces birthday. We have to leave early to head back home to go to a Quakes game for Shawn and my Moms birthday with the family. Yikes. Then Sunday it's Shawn b-day so whatever he wants. Sounds like baseball game with Matt and then Carne asada for dinner.
Well I am tired just writing about it. I also have to fit in studying for a big test next week. My goodness. Ok well as for right now I have to get the house ready for the weekend, finish more laundry, and go shopping for Shawn's b-day dinner.
Hvae a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9, 2008
What a busy last few days.
Monday night we went to the Quakes game and we were in the front row on the field. The kids got to meet a few players and talk to the mascots. What a great time we had. We didn't get home until really late which made yesterday a little off from a little less sleep then I would have liked to have. Yesterday was another busy school day of clay club and meetings.
So as far as diet I am restarting tomorrow when I get food back in the house and ready mentally again. I AM going to get the treadmill up and running today. I was watching my favorite show last night "the biggest loser" and there is a woman named Ali on it who I love. She started at a very similar weight to where I was and has lost 99 pounds. She works out and looks amazing. She now weighs 135 which is where I want to be when this diet thing is all over. Here is the problem. I don't really exercise so now I am getting thinner but have the fun hanging skin going on. So I am using Ali as my little insperation to keep going. So everyone wish Ali good luck next week at the finale.
Well I am off to laundry, ironing:( and getting the treadmill ready.

Monday, April 7, 2008

April 7, 2008
Well we had a fantastic and busy weekend. Sat. Shawn took the older two out for the day and Pj and I caught up on house stuff. We got a bunch of stuff to bbq for dinner. We hung out bbq'd and enjoyed each others company. When it got dark we lit our fire pit in the backyard and sat around it and made smores. We had a fantastic evening.
Sun Shawn had softball practice in the afternoon so we went to that and then in the evening he played football with his brother Randy. Another fun time of visiting and chasing Pj around. We were not able to make it to church this weekend. Shawn had another very busy week last week and had to do a Sunday morning catch up at work before the week started again.
Diet wise I didn't. I did make sure I ate fruit when I wanted a snack but meals were alot on the run and things like Subway, 1 smores, I ate some chips at the football game. I know I went up in weight but didn't weigh in today. Do you ever have those days that you take a little bit to wake up? and your kind of out of it? Like I hung up socks on a hanger and threw my jacket in the laundry.
So today I have reading to do for school and then we are going to try to go to a Quakes baseball game tonight. We decided with the little bit of our tax return we get to spend we are going to get a game pack to the Quakes and the first one is tonight. Fun.
Ok well off to life,

Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4th, 2008
If instead of starting my weight loss journey starting last July I had gotten pregnant I would now be a new mommy. I have offically been dieting for 9 months. I must say I am much happier that instead of a new baby I have a new body. Just a funny little thought.
Today is my 199th post. I can't believe that I have chatted with this screen almost 200 times my stories, fears, and successes. Thanks to all of you who continue to follow my progress and continue to encourage me.
I stopped on my way to school yesterday and got my food for the day. I picked up grapes, apples, carrots, pumpkin seeds, and v8 juice. I also took the time to go get a coffee in the middle of the day with a friend to keep my sanity. I did really well. no cheats at all and I ate good and heathy. I weighed in this morning at 164.8 I feel like I am doing really well.
I guess this weekend will be the challenge again. Shawn and the older 2 are gone for some of Sat. My plan is to catch up on laundry and ironing, Sun we are going to go to church at the church we used to go to. We miss it and have decided to go back and see if it is where we feel like we should still be. We also have softball practice for Shawn. It will be the first time he plays since his injuries and we are both eager to see how he feel while playing.
That's it for today, Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2, 2008
Well school went really well yesterday. My first class is legacy of life it is going to be about evolution of animals not so much humans, dinosaurs, how the earth has changed over the last 4 billion years. Fun right?
Art and technology is next, we will be learning about how to make a web site from scratch, how to use a computer and make art.
Last ceramics which is always fun, new teacher, new people.
Ok so diet wise I threw an apple, pear, and 1 c. of cashews into my backpack just in case. I am sure glad I did. I didn't have much tome to stop and eat so I ate all of that. Then I get to ceramics and they are bbq-ing and offered me some food I was good and said no thanks then changed my mind. I did have a handfull of grapes and 1 hot dog with no bun.
So I weighed in this morning at 166.4 almost back to last fridays weight.
Today I have 5 chap. to read about darwin. Yeah for me. Have a good one .

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tues. April 1st. 2008
Well I did terrible. I ate candy, cookies, ice cream, mils shake, fast food, fries, terrible.
I did great yesterday. It was really hard to not eat bad but I made it through day 1 again.
I am off to school today. Ii am excited but tired of that 1st day feeling so many times this year.
I weighed in this morning at 168.2
Have a good one, Ill write more tomoroow.