Friday, April 18, 2008

April 18, 2008
Good morning. I woke up yesterday and I was off to school to take a big midterm test. I packed my lunch and snacks for the day before I went. I had a great day, no cheats or temptations. I ate what I took and my only splurge was a coffee at school at 4pm with cream and splenda.
This morning I woke up and put on my running shoes and did a 1 mile fast walk before the kids left for school. I tried to run but ran out of breath really fast. Thought to myself I am really out of shape. Then looked at the incline and sure enough the kids had put it to a full incline the day before. So here I am trying to do a nice little run and the incline is kicking my butt. So 1 mile done. 1 mile is less then I would .like to do but I am going to work myself back up to more then that over a little time.
Now I am sitting at my laptop with my morning cup of coffee and getting mentally ready for the day.
Last week I told you about my addiction to the biggest loser and the girl named Ali well the finale was this week and she won the whole thing. She lost 112 pounds. I don't have that much to go but I was thrilled for her. She gave me a new modivation to get this whole diet thing back up and running.
So tonight we are going to a family party for Shawn and his brother. The plan was enchiladas but not for me. I am going to pack a yummy meal of my own and some yummy fruit for dessert so I feel like I fit in with everyone still. Sorry Mom no margaritas for me. This weekend Shawn has to work so it is hanging around the house for me and the kids. Should be fun and easy diet wise.
Have a great weekend,

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Tiny said...

Hey. I just read your post from the 16th and today right now (I had gotten a few days behind.) Anyhow, I'm so proud of your determination and the self discipline you showed at the party tonight. Keep it up! I'll continue to keep you in prayer too. Kudos to you Ali! :O)