Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008
We had a super fun weekend.
Sat we went to seaoworld with some of the family for our nieces birthday. It was relaxing and fun to see everyone. We got home and headed to a Quakes game with my family for Shawn and my mom's birthday celebration. Another fun evening.
Sun we woke up and did some things around the house we had been putting off with our hectic life. Matt came over and we went to the Quakes game. It was a fun afternoon. Cody caught a foul ball that bounced out into the walkways behind the seats when he went to the bathroom. Later Matt caught a foul ball that almost went back on the field after it bounced in the seats. He almost didn't get it. It was awesome. Then after the game they threw victory balls into the stands and Garrett got one of those. It was a very eventful game. Then we came home and bbq and relaxed in the backyard and chatted. Shawn wanted a baseball game, Matt, and bbq for his birhtday so that is exactly what we did.
Happy Birthday Love.
As far as the diet goes I am sitting here debating if I want today to be a good day or an ok day. I ran out of coffee this morning. I need to go to the market so I guess We will see as the day goes on how I do. I have not weighed myself in awhile so I am not really sure how I am doing. I guess life is just busy with school and I like to give my fiets my all when I am on them. Well I am off to do the daily stuff.
Have a good one,

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