Monday, April 7, 2008

April 7, 2008
Well we had a fantastic and busy weekend. Sat. Shawn took the older two out for the day and Pj and I caught up on house stuff. We got a bunch of stuff to bbq for dinner. We hung out bbq'd and enjoyed each others company. When it got dark we lit our fire pit in the backyard and sat around it and made smores. We had a fantastic evening.
Sun Shawn had softball practice in the afternoon so we went to that and then in the evening he played football with his brother Randy. Another fun time of visiting and chasing Pj around. We were not able to make it to church this weekend. Shawn had another very busy week last week and had to do a Sunday morning catch up at work before the week started again.
Diet wise I didn't. I did make sure I ate fruit when I wanted a snack but meals were alot on the run and things like Subway, 1 smores, I ate some chips at the football game. I know I went up in weight but didn't weigh in today. Do you ever have those days that you take a little bit to wake up? and your kind of out of it? Like I hung up socks on a hanger and threw my jacket in the laundry.
So today I have reading to do for school and then we are going to try to go to a Quakes baseball game tonight. We decided with the little bit of our tax return we get to spend we are going to get a game pack to the Quakes and the first one is tonight. Fun.
Ok well off to life,

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