Monday, April 21, 2008

April 21, 2008
We worked our butts off this weekend. Sat morning Shawn had to work so the boys and I cleaned the house and yard while he was gone. When he got home in the afternoon we decided to clean the garage which had gotten out of control. Well our cleaning turned into a weekend redo of the garage. Shawn built shelves and we organized junk from when we moved in almost 2 years ago. Yeah. I can park my car in the garage again. So we stayed really busy.
Eating was really easy on Sat. I did really well with no slip ups.
Sunday was another story. I woke up and felt like I was getting sick. I am not sure if it is all the dust from cleaning or what. So I have no energy, a headache, and just feel kind of crappy.
Breakfast was oatmeal, lunch was tuna with a little mayo, onion, and sweet pickle, snack was a big bowl of strawberries with splenda, a coffee with cream and splenda, and dinner was .......taco bell. I know those damn burritoes. I dod ok, I had a soft taco with chicken and salsa only and it is diet friendly, and I had a burrito with rice, cheese, and sour cream, not diet friendly. I am mad at myslef this morning but last night I didn't care. I was tired and sick so I ate.
I weighed in this morning at 169 again seems to be my evil little circle of 170-166 where I am pretty comfy. So today I am still not feeling well, I just want to be in bed but I am going to stick to my guns and have a good week. I have decided to let myself have 1 "cheat" meal each week that I won't go crazy but I will eat. Like next weekend I know we are going to a wedding so that will be the cheat meal.
Ok well I am off to tidy the house from our long weekend living in the garage and letting the house go to the boys.

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Tiny said...

Hey there Ali. Sorry to hear you're feeling sick. Hopefully it'll pass quickly. I'm back on track (finally) now too so maybe we can gain strength from each other at events we attend together. Stay strong! :O)