Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11, 2008
Lets see... I am not sure what to talk abot today. I have a very busy weekend coming up. The boys have karate tonight but it is their last night so they are getting their yellow belts tonight. Then Shawn has softball after but the boys and I are not going because we have to be up early tomorrow. Tomorrow we are going to Sea World for our nieces birthday. We have to leave early to head back home to go to a Quakes game for Shawn and my Moms birthday with the family. Yikes. Then Sunday it's Shawn b-day so whatever he wants. Sounds like baseball game with Matt and then Carne asada for dinner.
Well I am tired just writing about it. I also have to fit in studying for a big test next week. My goodness. Ok well as for right now I have to get the house ready for the weekend, finish more laundry, and go shopping for Shawn's b-day dinner.
Hvae a great weekend.

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