Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm back!!!

I am officially a college graduate. Whoo hoo. It feels strange, we are back from vacation and I am not sure what to do with myself. I typically go on the internet in the morning and spent the afternoon reading or working on homework. Yesterday it started to set in but today it just feels strange. I am like a person with no mission. I do have plans to homeschool the boys over the summer and get my graduate application finished for school. It isn't that I have nothing to do, it is more that I haven't had a school break in years and it just feels wierd.
So my graduation went fabulously. We made it with min. to spare and the ceremony was long and boring like we expected.
We also went to or annual family beach trip last week. It was a much needed break from life. We love to see who is going to show up on a day to day basis. We spend our days playing mahjong, reading, chit chatting, swimming and enjoying the sand, and relaxing. It was wonderful. We did have to come home a day early because Cody got the flu but he was a trooper and we didn't leave until late at night, so all we really missed was getting up and cleaning up with the family. The beach was beautiful and we didn't have any random bees. We did have a crazy man who liked fire a feew doors down but that was about it in that dept.
I didn't follow a diet at all while I was away. I am not weighing myself for a few days but I know I gained. I am 99% sure I will be switching to weight watchers on the 1st. My low carb diet was intended to help me lose a bunch of weight before graduation and I did. The low carb lifestyle is very hard to live on long term and as soon as you eat a carb you gain. I will be shopping on the 1st and getting our house ww friendly.
Well here are a few beach and graduation pics, enjoy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Well we are leaving today for a 10 day beach vacation. My college graduation is tomorrow. I weighed in at 173 even. Life is good. Look for me in 10 days!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My mind is exhausted. Between finals, the CSET drama, and spending every free moment doing beach stuff I am so ready for a vacation. Shawn wants to sit and plan things and I just want to sit. I bought 4 new books for the beach and planning on vegging for the 10 days. I am calling it makeup time for the last 2 non stop years of school and stress.
I think it is setting in even more that I am graduation 4 days. I am nervous and jittery about it. I know Ill be back in Sept. but I will be in an entirely different part of campus nowhere near the safe and fimiliar art area. Ok so enough about that.
I weighed in this morning at 174.4 finally broke the 175 mark that I have been stuck at for what feels like weeks.
Well I am off to pack clothes, pack the nice clean trailer, and get beach stuff going. I did go to Costco yesterday and $415 later (ouch) we usually plan better but we got new chairs, and Shawn new white t-shirts, and a ton of sunscreen. Now I remember why I never shop at Costco. Oh well off to work,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ok so Great news!!!! After writing the blog below a guy called form my school and said that because I passed half of the CSET and my GPA is high they will let me start the credential program in Sept. like planned. I have to pass the second part before I am done with the program so I have 1 year to pass. I am so relieved I think I could cry.
I also won't cheat because of it again. I went to See's and had one single chocolate yesterday to make myself feel better. It didn't work.
I am on top of the world right now.
What to do now?
Well I found out yesterday that I didn't pass my cset by 1 point. I was and still am very upset. I thought I would be able to take it over the summer and start credentials in Sept. Well my plans have now changed. They are no longer offering the test over the summer and I must wait until Sept. to take it. This means that I can't start credentials in fall like I had planned. This delays my entire schooling by a year. I am unsure what to do and am actually depressed that my entire plan for the next year has suddenly changed. I was so upset yesterday I cheated and had 1 see's candy but was good the rest of the day. I guess I will have to wait out the summer and see what happens. I am bummed because I thought I had nailed the test and then to not pass by one point. Well I needed to vent.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I have to tell you why I love my blog. I woke up this morning and weighed in at 175.4 and was a little bummed because in my head that was the same as I weighed on Friday. I get my coffee and sit down to write my blog and look at Fridays where I had weighed 176.6 so I did still lose and the blog had to remind me.
I got an email on Sat. that mae my day. The head of the art dept. sent me an email telling me that at an awards ceremony on Thurday I am going to be presented a medalion to wear at graduation because I am going to be graduating wiith Honors. How cool is that. I am really proud of myself. Honors heans that I got higher than a 3.5 Grade point average at CSUSB. It means I got almost all A's and a few B's. I am so thrillled I can't contain it. I the girls who didn't know if I would ever finish school is now graduating with honors. Whoo hoo to me.
Our party went fabulous, we had so much fun even though it was a little cold the kids still went swimming for a little bit. The craft turned out perfectly. All in all the whole thing went off without a hitch. I didn't cheat at all that day either. We did a decorate your own cupcake table and I resisted and had a pineapple spear instead,, we put out cheese as a appetizer that we could eat, and I stuck to no alcohol and only my diet pepsi. I resisted it all. I even got some much needed help form the girls at the partu about what to wear to graduation.
Sunday we went to a bbq at Scott and Matt's house and I didn't cheat there. I was tempted by these stupid wheat thins but I got a big bowl of water melon to eat instead. We ha fun hanging with the guys as well as our friends Jum and his kids Max, and Ruby. Oh I also forget that the most imprtant member oof the family was in on all of the days festivities Drake, Scott's black lab.
We leave for our beach trip in 5 days and I have not planned anything. Our plan was to get things organized yesterday but we cleaned up from the party instead. Hopefully with the crazyness of the week we can pull it all together.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well the closet that I packed up a few months ago is being unpacked today. I wore a pair of 12's a few days ago and my 13 jeans yesterday. I am feeling great and ready to try on all the shorts and shirts to see if I have a wardrobe for the beach next week.
I think it is funny how each time I lose weight it looks different on my body. Last time, and sorry if this is to much info, I lost my boobs. I had to go buy new bras and everything. I still have 25 pounds to go and the boobs haven't moved, I am still in the "fat" bra's. I will admit they don't look the same but seriously I want them to go so I can wear the cute stuff again.
So we are haing a birthday party tomorrow for the boys. I haven't done anything to get ready yet. I have bene so stressed and busy with school and little league I wasn't able to wrap my head around doing another thing. So today we are filling the pool, cleaning the house, organizing and getting all the food, etc. I do things great under pressure. To top it off we have a Quakes game tonight. Sometimes I think we are crazy but if we slow down we might miss something:)
ok well off to get things ready but I weighed in at 176.6 almost 25 pounds lost. Yeah for me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have finished two of my finals and I have two to go. I am so ready to be done. I have 11 days until I am a college graduate. Whoo hoo.

I am stressed to the limit and I am now planning a b-day party and it is starting to set in that we leave on vacation in 10 days. AHHHHH. J/k. I am actually doing really well I think it because I know tthere is a light at the end of the tunnel. I was able to finish two classes yesterday so my stress has dropped to "I'm good"

So I have to admit that I cheated on Sunday night. We had a babysitter for the kids so we went out to dinner. We did so well and ordered a caesar salad to share, it was yummy and we didn't cheat. After dinner they brought the dessert tray over and we decided to splurge. Well dessert went to going to a second resteraunt to get my favorite peach drink. Lets just say my instincts went out the window. Good news is I got right back on. Better news is I felt terrible on Monday. Why is this good? I don't want to cheat if I feel like that. I had a tummy ache and headache all day. I also gained 2 lbs. I have been superior ffor the past 2 days and I weighed in at 178.2 this morning.

Yesterday I was getting ready for school and I had no pants that fit. I pulled out a pair of capri's that haven't fit in over a year and they slid right on. I have dropped 2 clothing sizes. Awesome.

Alright well I am off to get ready for a party this weekend and it is the boys llast day of school.

Have a good day, I also attached a pic of my finished table.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Looking Toward the Future by Reflecting on the Past

Thirteen years, what can one person do in thirteen years? A child can start kindergarten and complete his high school career in thirteen years. A college student can earn a bachelors, masters, and doctorate degree in thirteen years. It has taken me thirteen years to follow one of my lifetime goals of graduating from college. The road to get here hasn’t been an easy one. Now that I have reached my goal I am scared beyond belief of what the future holds for me.
Immediately after high school I decided to go to the local community college. My very first semester I took American Government along with 2 other classes at Citrus College. While I was enrolled in my first semester of college I found out that I was pregnant. I was eighteen, unmarried, and pregnant. I dropped out of my classes because I thought that this was my fate. Shortly after finding out I was pregnant I married my boyfriend Shawn. We were eighteen and no one thought that there was a way in the world we would make it.
When my son turned six months old I decided to try out college once again. I reenrolled at Citrus College. My husband and I took classes side by side. I managed to make it through the semester with decent grades. I took many online classes so that I could be a stay at home mom of my young son. My grades got worse and worse as the classes that I took became harder and harder. I made it through two years of part time classes before was excused from Citrus for having too many F’s. I thought that was it.
My husband decided that he was also tired of school so he took a job as a trash man in Big Bear and our family of three moved up the hill to start a new life. My husband had complete all of his general education classes but thought that this job was a great opportunity, so off we went. We lived in Big Bear for six months before my husbands thirst for knowledge and tiredness of being a trash man moved us back down the hill to Monrovia. Shortly after gave birth to our second son.
My husband started at Cal Poly Pomona and I became the bread winner for the family. I worked a retail management job to put my husband through school. I worked nights and weekends away from my children in hopes that when my husband graduated, life would change as we knew it. It took two years of me working and my husband going to school twenty plus units a quarter for him to graduate. In June 2003 he graduated with a degree in Agriculture.
For the first time in my life I realized that I wanted that degree. It didn’t matter what it took, I wanted to complete a degree. At the same time I realized that a degree in a specific area doesn’t guarantee you will work in that field. My husband’s degree was almost useless except for teaching, which wasn’t something he really wanted to do. My husband found a job and I was able to go back to school and being a full time mom to my two boys.
For the first time in my college career I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to breeze through classes like I had done all through high school. I was going to have to earn my degree. I kept taking classes nights and weekends while my husband was able to stay at home with our two sons. I enrolled at two community colleges in order to get the classes that I would need to transfer to Cal Poly. I didn’t even know what I wanted my major to be. I just knew to keep taking the general education classes and transfer. Somewhere in the midst off all of my classes, my husband and I welcomed our third son. Married life with three kids just got harder and harder but I just kept trucking.
It was my last semester at Chaffey College and I took a ceramics class. I had taken ceramics for two years in high school and loved it but never thought of it as a potential career. While I was enrolled in the class I remembered how much I loved clay. I immediately applied to Cal Poly and was accepted to start my degree in ceramics in the fall of 2007. I got a letter from Cal Poly the summer before I was supposed to start at the school. Cal Poly had cancelled all of its art classes except for graphic design. What was I going to do? I decided to apply to California State University San Bernardino and I got accepted as a ceramics major. I had done no research on the school’s art program it was simply the closest one to my house.
In the fall of 2007 I started at California State University San Bernardino. I was so scared. I felt totally out of my league. What was I doing majoring in art? I wasn’t an artist. My first semester at Cal State I kept to myself, my main goal was just doing well in my classes. I would go home do my homework, and be a great wife and mom. My second quarter I started to get to know people in my major and I joined the ceramics club on campus. I started to find my niche. I was being challenged in my art and loved going to school. I will admit that it started to get overwhelming as this was the first time I had done full time classes in my college career.
My third quarter at school started to feel much more natural. I became Vice President of the clay club and had more and more friends from school. As I took on more at school, my home life took a toll. My marriage and kids were great but keeping up with laundry, cleaning, yard work, etc. became more than I could handle most days. I just kept plucking away with my classes and did my best to be a great homemaker. I would read and write papers in between loads of laundry, my children’s homework, entertaining a two year old, and all of my other duties.
This is my final quarter at California State University. In the last year I have been in school art shows, was elected president of the clay club, and continued to grow as a woman, artist, mom, and wife. I truly had always hoped that I would make it to this point but in the back of my mind never thought I would actually be where I am today. On June 20th I will be walking at my college graduation with a degree in studio arts and I am in awe that it is really happening. On one hand I am thrilled and on the other I am terrified for what the future holds for me.
In September I will be returning to California State San Bernardino to continue my college career. I will be spending the next year working on my single subject teaching credential in art. I don’t know what the future holds for me. I know that I am strong and I can handle anything that comes my way. Graduating from college is the ultimate way to prove that I can do anything. Things do not change, we change. That is my new motto. I am nothing like the person who started college thirteen years ago. There is not a chance that girl would be where I am today. I am very lucky to have a supporting husband and amazing kids who have allowed me to go to college and prove to the world that I can do this.
As I look back it brings a little tear to my eye. I achieved a goal that many people don’t ever make. I, the person who started out as a stupid young girl, have become an amazing woman. It may have taken me thirteen years to do what some people do in four. In those thirteen years I have stayed married to a wonderful man. I have been a great mom to my three boys, and have learned so much through my experiences of being a parent. I put my husband through college, and he now has a great job that he loves. We were even fortunate enough to have purchased a home. Many days the laundry is piled in the hallway and kid’s toys are spread throughout the house, but I now know that come with the roll I have as a parent and student. Most importantly I have taken this time to figure out who I am, and I think figuring out who you are for most people takes a lifetime. I consider the last thirteen years very well spent and I can’t wait to see what the next thirteen years brings for me.

I had to write this paper as an assignment for a class and I thought that it would be nice to share with all of you since all of you have been there ans supported us the entire way though all of this.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Well I have been the same weight since Sat. and I finally broke my plateu. I was starting to think the diet had stopped working but normally I would be like well it stopped working so I guess my body is fine where it is. This time I kept going and it finally paid off and I lost almost 1 pound. I weighed in at 179 even.
I have new people joining me on the low carb diet wagon. Shawn has decided that weight watchers was to slow and he had started gaining even though he wasn't cheating at all. He started on Tues. and is down 6 pounds already. I have another friend who's name I won't say ad she is doing really well as. It is nice to have partners in the hourney. Shawn has been doing alot of research on how the diet works and my other friend is giving me new recipies to try. Awesome. It has been inspiring.
Other than dieting I am just working really hard to get done with school. I am at the tail end and I can feel it. I have a 10 page paper to write this weekend with a partener at school so Sunday I have to meet him for the afternoon. I have finished all of my ceramics work for the quarter, and my woodshop project is almost complete. I basically have an art history final and a few papers to write for english and I am DONE!!!! I am so excited because I honestly wondered if I would even make it to being done with school. 2 weeks to go.
Well have a great weekend and I will chat again on Monday,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So I got to school yesterday and as soon as I sat down in my class the guy next to me (who is a ceramics major) was filling out a sheet for a ceramics sale. OH my Gosh, I forget that there was a sale that day. I jammed out of the class, drove home picked up some stuff to sell, drove back and set it up with the help of a few people, and sat the rest of my day selling work. I felt like such a lop, I ususally don't forget stuff like that. I sold a bunch of the ladybug and bird stuff that I made awhile back. When I left at 3 there was one hour left and I had made $97 not bad for throwing some stuff together that I had in the garage.
I am in some major uncomfertableness. I have had eczema on my hands for awhile but recently it has moved to my feet and instead of one area on my hand it is all over them. The kind I have is called dyshidrotic eczema which means I not only get the dry layers but little blisters that itch like crazy. I have been taking benadryl and all kinds of home treatments but nothing is working on it. I have been reading the diet is a major factor in it and dairy is really bad for people with eczema, I am trying to convince myself to stop eating dairy for awhile and see if it helps. I am starting that today.
I went out to happy hour with a friend and had a beer and we ordered 2 appetizers that were low carb, I did great. Cody had a preformance at school and we went to the resteraunt at bass pro shop for dinner. I had 2 beers and a great plate of fresh fish and shrimp with broccoli I did great there as well. I weighed in today at 180 even so up a little but I did great and enjoyed myself and I know I am going right back on it and the weight will come right back off.
Well I am off to work on yet more homework, 17 more days to go.

Monday, June 1, 2009

So I was really good all weekend and only lost .4, I was a little bummed as I would get on the scale and not see the number move all weekend. I feel thinner and this is making it ok that the number didn't move. I am going to think of it as the weight is redestributing so that even if it is still there it looks better on. Nice thought right? oh well I am thinking that it might be necessary to add exercise to keep it moving and am trying to talk m yself into it. Did I add that I am officially in the 170's!!!

What a great weekend. I saw alot of people and it seems like people are starting to be able to tell that I am losing which is always a great motivator.

Garrett was at a friends and the other two boys and I went to my nieces b-day party, we had so much fun hanging with the fam and celebrating. I had a ton of homework so we rented movies for the boys and hung out Sat night. Sunday we went at got Garrett and I decided to take the kids to see the new movie UP. It was suck a cute story and the kids enjoyed it. I will admit it is a bit of a tear jerker for adults but totally worth seeing.

Shawn gets home today and I can't wait to see him. He called yesterday but his throat is bothering him so it didn't sound like him. Shawn told me that is has been raining almost the entire time and last night they decided to pack up the camp and stay in a hotel to get out of the weather and get some sleep. He says they have been catching and having fun even with the weather so that is good.

my goal today is to work on a research paper I have been putting off and really need to get done, it is in a new format so I am stumped on how to write it and not looking forward to it.

Well have a good Monday,


so here is something to make you think.

Junk Mail

we all hate it and it seems like when you pick up mail in the mailbox more than half is junk mail. The USPS make million of dollars a year by delivering junkmail sot hey don't want to stop and don't offer a service to stop junk mail

So what to do

there are online resources that you can pay $1 and they will get rid of junkmail to you mailbox by adding you to a do not send to list. It is like the do not call list for junkmail. Here is the link

Stopping junk mail is earth friendly but....

Did you know that if there were no junkmail an average letters cost to be sent would be well over $1 a piece. So which is better??? Going green or going broke? I am still torn on this one but I am thinking going broke isn't an option.