Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30, 2008
I have the busiest day ever ahead of me.
Tonight we have Garrett's belt test for karate and then we have to load up and go load some much needed and excited to get furniture from the in laws, after that we are going to a bbq for Shawn's softball team at Matt's house. Before any of that I have to clean the carpet and house for our get together tomorrow, go to the market, go to costco, go to Shawn's work to drop something off, set the house up, pack the kids for Grandma and Grandpa's where they will be sleeping over tomorrow. I swear I am tired just writing it and that is just the schedule for today.
Well my stuff didn't make it into the show at school again. I am not as upset this time as I was last time. I was honestly suprised at alot of stuff that didn't make it or did for that fact. Oh well, maybe next time.
Well I am off to busy life, have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 29, 2008
have I told you how happy I am with myself and my body? I am excited that I can go shopping and buy a 12. I can fit into things. I don't have to go to specials stores because I can't find my size.
Here is why I am unhappy. After losing 50 pounds you have this lovely problem with things not being how they used to be. For instance after you have a c-section you have a nice piece of skin where they have cut the muscle that now hangs. I am not joking. I literilly have to tuck the extra roll into my clothes. I call it the hang over because that is what it does hangs over. Worst part is there is nothing you can do about it. The only fix is surgery. I have to buy a whole pant size larger because of the hang. Next we will move onto the chest. Here I have the same tucking situation going on. I have to tuck the ladies into my bra. Nice visual I know. I call them my utters. hey just hang there. What I wouldn't give to be 18 again. I would be so happy if I was able to fix these 2 things. Soon I will. Before I start teaching Shawn has agreed to let me have surgery. For now I will just deal with it. I am just glad there is an end in sight.
Garrett's concert went really well last night. There was about 100 kids playing there hearts out. Garrett has also decided to stay in band next year when he starts junior high.
Well I am off to school.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008
Sorry it has been so long since my last post. We had a great weekend of working around the house, hanging out with friends and family, an a nice extra day off.
Pj is doing much better. He was sick all weekend. It seems like yesterday was the first day he seems to be acting more normal.
Life is crazy. I hate this time of year. I am wrapping up school so I am super busy, the kids are wrapping up school which means lots of extras in the day and the evening, all of this while trying to figure out when the beach trip planning is going to fit in. I have finals until 10 pm on thur. and we leave for the beach the next day. I just keep telling Shawn I cannot get wrapped up in the beach trip and not give my school 100%. So I am worried but it always seems to pull together somehow.
Lets see in the art world there is a huge show at my school that opens June 12th. It is all of the art students works. Judges pick about 80 pieces out of 250 to be shown. I submitted my baby and the strange white bowl with all the sharp edges on it. You are only allowed to enter 2 pieces. I find out on Friday if either made it. I am hoping for the best but know all to well about rejection. The neat part is you get to name the pieces and price them for the rick collectors to buy if they want. The white bowl is called "nuts and bolts" and is $400.00, the baby I name something in Italian that means from my heart, he is priced at $1200.00. I won't mind at all if the white bowl sells but the baby is still s toss up, I know I don't have a place to show him in my home so I think maybe it would be better for someone to own him that can display him. I am still torn. I thought I would try to make another baby to sell, I sat down and gave up after about 2 hours. I really am not sure how I made the first one. I am still amazed at how he turned out.
On the diet front. I restarted yesterday. I am not sure of my weight. I know I went up because my pants fit tighter. I am goign to be good until the beach, even on the weekends. Even if I don't lose alot before then my shorts will fit better if I lose 5 pounds.
For today it is laundry, and getting the house ready for a very busy weekend. Friday we have Garrett's karate and then a quakes game. Sat we have a birthday party and after my clay club is coming over for a bbq. Sun Garrett has a karate tournement, I have a baby shower, and a grad party for a friend. I love to have things to do on the weekend but AHH that is alot for 3 days.
Well I will write again on Friday.

Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23, 2008
Rain, rain go away.
So the good news is the roof repairs we had a few months ago are not leaking at all with all the rain. Bad news is we are having the a.c. repaired today, they said they can work in the rain but I would feel terrible if they were in heavy rain all day.
No big plans for the weekend. A bbq at my Mom's on Monday and possible a baseball game.
Have a good weekend,

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 22, 2008
Well Pj is still really sick. I am taking the day off of school to stay home. Shawn is super busy at work so it was easier for me to miss then him. I am a little worried because I have to do well on my final in the science class to pass with a C. I am missing the biggest lecture so far. Dinosaurs. Should have been interesting.
When I called Pj's daycare she told me that one of the kids had croup last week. I am sure that is what he has so I am going to do some research on it today.
Our AC is being totally fixed on Friday. Yeah! We won't be melting this summer.
So when life is busy it always get more busy right.
Well off to listen to PJ cough somemore.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21, 2008
I am so sorry I have not posted. Gosh life has been busy as normal. Somedays I can't fit blogging in. Yesterday I didn't even get my morning coffee if that tells you anything. I cam coming down to the last few weeks of school which always get crazy and now The boys are finishing their school year as well. Double duty. We have open houses field trips, testing, the list goes on and on. A few more weeks and then sweet vacation. I am so ready for the beach.
So since I last wrote we have been to a Quakes game, gone swimming and hung out at Matt and Scott's house, life, life, life.
Today we have a man coming to look at our air conditioner. Shawn woke up in the middle of the night a few days ago and finally said just call we have to get this fixed. Yeah! Hopefully we have it done in a few weeks before it gets to hot again.
Diet, I am doing ok, I am not strictly following anything just being careful. You know diet soda, low fat muffin, 1/2 of a sandwich instead of the whole thing, just being careful.
I went shopping with Shawn this weekend. I don't know the last time he suggested to go shopping for me and he go along. we went bathing suit shopping which we all know is worse than anything even bra shopping. It went well. The first few were a joke. I am sorry but I really don't want to show the world my entire body. So I got a cute tankini with a little skirt. Shawn liked it alot so it was the winner.
Pj woke up this morning with a cough and just threw up so looks like today we are staying home and being sick.
Well I am off to tend to sick Pj.

Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16, 2008
It is so hot already. Can't wait for this afternoon and melt on the couch. J/K. It is going to be super hot this weekend so stay safe.
School was good yesterday. I packed my lunch and stuck to it all day. I did great until on the way home I stopped and got nachos for Shawn and I to share. Oops. I am still rethinking the diet stuff. I need to pack a more substantial lunch and dinner so I am not sying of hunger at 9pm. So next week I am going to be working on a few options.
This weekend we have a Quakes game on Sunday so we are packing hats and waterbottles to stay cool. Sat we are planning a fishing trip with the boys to a local little lake. So lots of outdoors.
Today I am cleaning the house for the weekend. You know all the little things. There are a few other things I need to do today to get the house back to food full, and running for next week.
Oh yeah, I weighed in at 168.4 so the same for 2 days.
Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, 2008
Yesterday was the hardest diet day I have had this time around. I wanted to munch alot. I was really good and had 100 calorie popcorn when i got to where I had to have something. I came home from school at 8pm and sat on the couch and watched tv with Shawn. I am sure if I wasn't sitting I would have been fine.
I packed my lunch for school yesterday and for dinner I had a chicken burrito from Taco Bell for 350 calories and a cup of fresh fruit. I did really well. I know I stayed right at my calories for the day.
I weighed in this morning at 168.4 so I am still trying to get the weight off from a bad weekend last week. I talked to Shawn and we are really going to work together to make sure I have good weekends.
The beach trip is in 3 1/2 weeks. I don't mind cheating at the beach because it is vacation as long as I am good until that point.
Working really hard,

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12, 2008
I had a super great weekend. I relaxed and even got a 2 hr. nap on the couch.
Sat. we woke up and decided that we were going to drive to Victorville and support the Quakes at an away game. We had the best time. We got to talk with a few of the players and they knew who we were from seeing us at games. We went to the market and hung out as a family. We needed a day like that it feels like we have been so busy recently to enjoy a day as a family.
Sun. I woke up to fun homemade gifts from the kids. They tooke me to lunch at a cool place that has a playground for the kids so we actually got to eat and enjoy a meal at a resteraunt without the kids acting like we are in a resteraunt. It was relaxing. We came home and I fell asleep on the couch. Next We were off to the in laws to hang out with our family and visit for a birthday and Mother's day. We had good food and always great company.
As for the diet. Ouch I had a terrible weekend. Sat. I had a burrito for lunch and then hot dogs at the game for dinner. Sun was the worst. I ate crab nachos for an appetizer, lunch was all kinds of good seafood, dinner was hambugers and potato salad. Yummy but boy am I unhappy this morning. I know I gained but I am taking a day of dieting before I write down my actual weight again. So 100% back on today. The beach trip is in 4 weeks so I need to really be good to fit into my shorts before then.
Have a good Monday,

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9, 2008
The ceramics sale went really well. I got alot of comments on how the necklaces turned out better this time. I sold 10 necklaces, a few bowls, about 18 things total. The bad part is it took about $100 to make everything so I didn't make as much back as I would like. I love to work the sales and see what people are buying. This sale people like medium sozed bowls and anything blue or red/brown. It is just funny how each sale different stuff sells.
As far as diet I did well yesterday. People who can't work the sale and are selling things either give you a free piece to take home or bring you drinks basically bribes. For lunch I could have had anything I liked but I was really good and had one brc burrito and for dinner I had one grilled chicken sandwhich from chick fil a. I had lots of water and iced tea. A good day in my book.
Our plans for this weekend are tomorrow maybe go to a baseball game but not to many plans yet. I have to go to school and take a placement test in the morning but the rest of the day should be family time. Sunday my Mom has decided that since I am now a Mom and she isn't raising kids anymore I should take the day for me so the morning is mine to do what I want. In the evening we are going to my in laws for a bbq and hanging out with the family.
I am praying for a great weekend on the diet side. I need to stick with it and one cheat and I will go crazy so no bad food. I am going to be good. It feels to good to see the scale go down.
I weighed in this morning at 169.8 so back in the 160's. Whoo hoo.
Have a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008
I am so glad I have a day off. Seems like it has been awhile since we have not had company or Shawn being gone, or me home while the kids are at school. I am taking the day to put together some necklaces for a ceramics sale at school tomorrow.
I am sad to say that the clay baby didn't make it into the ceramics show. I got to school and people were honestly surprised it didn't make it. My teacher is upset and going to talk to the judges because she wasn't happy with their choices. They went with a very clay brown color on the pieces and a very asia feel. My baby is neither of those. At first I was very upset and offended. I am still upset but the show is kind of falling apart. My teacher has suggested I wait and put him in the big show at the school for all art students in the huge museum which is a much bigger accomplishment then the current show. So that is what I will do.
I did well yesterday on the diet front. I didn't pack my lunch but I was so busy I should have. I had 2 c. of juice and a homemade tamale, and 1 egg for the day. I am going to pack from now on. It is really hard to stop working and go get lunch. I weighed in this morning at 172.8 so going down. Yeah.
Have a good day,

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6, 2008
Good morning. Well Shawn and Jim returned safely. Jim is off to the airport this morning which means that everyone will be back in their own beds and life will become normal again.
I got everything ready for my restart today. Got eggs hard boiled, diet soda in the fridge, ready.
So I am at school today which makes eating pretty easy. I get caught up in ceramics and forget to eat so snacking isn't an issue. I am going to try to get either a salad for lunch and dinner or will go to Mcdonalds and get grilled chicken and a side salad.
I put my clay baby into judging for a show at school. I find out today if he got in or not. I am hoping they got enough work to have a show. If they do my piece will debut to the school and staff on Thur. evening at an art opening. Isn;t that cool! Ok well off to school.
Have a great one,

Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5, 2008
It is a very sad day for me. Shawn has been gone all weekend. I spent the weekend on the couch watching every chick flick known to man from no reservations to lars and the real girl, you name a new chick flick and I watched it. So why is it a sad day well here you go. I spent the entire weekend in flannel pants because I couldn't bring myslef to putting on pants or shorts that are too tight. That is right I have no pants that fit. I feel miserable. I feel fat and uncomfy. I use food as a cover for sadness, bordum, loneliness, or just being alone.
Here is the worst part of the whole thing. I now have more to lose then I have lost. I was to 20 pounds to go and now I am back at 45 to go. I am tired of knowing this will be a lifelong battle. So before when I kept restarting my diet my real modivation behind losing the rest of the weight was to look cute at the beach for my Honey. For years I have not been comfy to wear a bathing suit and it is one thing he always asks me to do. So I was doing it for the wrong reasons.
I read back on my blog and I don't feel like the optomistic girl anymore, I feel like I have been defeated. So here are the reasons I am losing weight again
- to be to my goal by my graduation from college next June. wearing a cute little dress to my party is just the icing on the cake.
- to be comfy in my own skin. I know I am an awesome person. People like me so I need to like me to.
- to live a healthy lifestyle and want to experiance life in all ways with my husband and kids. I hold myself back from stuff because I still feel so fat. I need to mentally work on myself.
- I just want to reach one goal I set for myself. i don't set many because i know i am flakey and don't follow through when it come to me. So me, it is all about me. Even if that means taking a little time away from my kids and family to make me a better person in the long term. I can go for a walk in the evening an not feel bad that I am leaving Shawn alone with the kids.
- LAst and least to fit back into my skinny clothes. I have gone crazy and gained some weight back all while squeezing into my clothes. Not cute if you lift up my shirt. I promise. So My last goal is to fit back into my closet of clothes.

Ok so I am back on track starting today. I got a reality check yesterday. I have been out of blog mode for a few weeks so yesterday I went on and read a comment from one of the most supportive people with the diet stuff, she said basically is it worth throwing all this away when you have worked so hard?I have said it before but to have someone else say it means people are noticing my habits and have seen me go back up. Made me think. I couldn't help but think of how many people have noticed that I have put some weight back on. I know a few people have asked. I was also just telling SHawn that people who I haven't seen since before don't really notice that I have lost when I do see them . I want that back. i want to not look like Ali anymore. I want to look like Allison the woman I want to succeed in the world. Reality check, I was neveer fat as Allison only as Ali (ok my legal name) So the new Allison is going to succeed.
I weighed in this morning at a whopping 176.2 I am so sad to amit that right now. The scale in a way has defeated me but I am back in full force to get to where i want to be again.
Allison is back watch out.