Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ok so I found this recipe on a blog that I love to read called
I wasn't sure about it at first but I can't get enough of it. I will tell you now it may be the death of me. So here it is
Chocolate kettle corn
1/2 square of bakers chocolate or 2T. of hersheys cocoa powder
2T. of honey
1 bag of 94% fat free popcorn
in a LARGE pot melt over very low heat honey and chocolate until it is liquid and well combined. It takes about 5 min. They take your already popped popcorn and dump it in the pot. Stir until the popcorn is coated with the chocolate. If you don't use a big pot stirring is messy.
put in a bowl and eat up.
i tried this when hot and wasn't thrilled but when it cooled down a bit yummy. Just a touch of sweet chocolate.
July 31, 2008
well I have about 5 seconds to write today. I have a ton of homework, grocery shopping, paper to write, all while life keeps coming at me.
I did awesome yesterday. I akmost gave in and had a burger at dinner that Shawn BBQ for us but I threw some chicken on and had a salad instead. Yeah for me. I have been staying right at my 1000 calories a day no less and have been doing the low carb kind of diet from last summer. I know how to do this diet and don't have to think about it which makes it really easy.
I weighed in this morning at 177 even. Love to see the numbers leave. I feel energized and sure that I can do it this time. I went back and looked at the reasons I wanted to lose weight and now even more want to lose the weight. One of my main goals was to walk at my graduation at my goal weight. well I have less then 1 year now to got to that one. Also had a reminder yesterday as my knee was in terrible pain for no real reason. I took meds and elevated it and it's better today. I want to be healthy and pain free so the diet continues.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30, 2008
What a day yesterday. The boys were running around driving me crazy and boom the earthquake hits. I have Garrett, Cody and 2 friends in a doorway, ran to the backyard to get Pj (who was very upset I was taking him away from watering the plants) got back into the doorway with the boys all before it was over. I spent the next 35 min trying to call Shawn but the phones were down so no Shawn. Then I finally go ahold of him and he had been driving and didn't know we had an earthquake. Then the kids are freaking out the rest of the day thinking everything is another earthquake.
I started round 2 of my summer school last night with a new class all about gender and what makes us act like boys and girls. I got home from school to a house full of kids that wouldn't got o sleep because what if there is another earthquake. I admit once I got them to bed and went to bed I worried and took a long time to fall asleep as well.
Today I have to write a paper already for the new class. I also have about 30 shirts I need to iron and have been putting off for weeks. Oh yeah, I thought of 2 more things I should have added to the 10 things you don't know about me thing 1. I hate ironing, I would rather do laundry all day then iron, and 2 I hate earthquakes. When I was a kid and we would have them I would sleep with my Mom for weeks and weeks after they were done.
So with all the craziness yesterday dieting was pretty easy. I wasn't humgry so it was easy to be smart and I even turned away soda although it was calling my name.
Ok well of to do all my fun jobs.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 29, 2008
Why can't dieting be easy???
I guess if it was we would all be where we want to be with our weight.
I am having a difficult time gettin back to dieting. I was talking with my Mom about it this morning for a long time. Her suggestion was to restart my sponsors and start from square one. I asked wouldn't that be cheating? I mean these people have already done stuff before and I would be losing the same pounds again. So I guess I will be thinking this one through. I know it was a real modivator for me before to look and see how far I was from one of the names. It did help me to keep going. So what do you think?
Shawn is back safe and sound. He had a great time. He was tired by the time he got home last night so we are looking forward to a nice night together with the family on wed.
Well I am starting my new class tonight. I am not looking forward to it at all. I am burned out on school and really just want a break. I did get my grade for my last class and I got a C. This is the first class I have gotten a C in since being at the new school. I am disappointed with my grade but I almost don't care. I am so over these stupid classes that have nothing to do with anything that I am fine with a c.
So I weighed in today at 181.8 I seem to like being in this weight area. I have also decided to make a new goal for myself. I wanted to get to 132 because that is where I was when Shawn and I met but after dieting and looking at my body I now want to get to 150. I got to 153 and was so happy with how I looked that that is the new area where i want to be.
ok well off to think about what I am going to do for dieting. back to my 1000 ca. a day plan, how about low carb, weight watchers, too many choices and I am not sure what to do.
Let me know what you think people.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Well yesterday was a nice day of laundry and getting Shawn ready to fly to Oregon. He is going to visit Jim and Kim for the weekend. I have a million other things I am going to be trying to get done around here. I have a bridal shower for a friend and the 3 kids running around all weekend.
Do you ever feel like you need a vacation? I know we just got back from fishing but man I need some time away with no kids and just Shawn. I have gone into the Mom mode of daily life and although I love being a Mom once in awhile I just want a weekend for me. We only go away together in Feb. and as much as I love it, it is with friends and just isn't the same. Ok enough about that.
i weighed in this morning after my diet break. I have been pretty good and not going to crazy. I am at 181 so the same as Mon. not bad. I am maintaining and not gaining.
Well I am off to go shopping for bridal stuff,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

well for some reason I don't feel like bloggin today. I am worn out from studying yesterday and my brain just wants a break. I am planning on laying low and watching a movie, then tonight we are going to the Quakes game. Just a nice night with the family. As for my test it went well. I should get my grade by next week. I am just glad to have a little break from school until Tues. with no thought of I should be doing homework. AHHH.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23, 2008
I have to majorly study today so my blog will be short and sweet. Things have returned to normal and everyone is home and feeling better. I however am still on vacation mode with my diet. I can't seem to want to get back on it. I am not going crazy, I am still being kind of careful. Shawn is gone for the weekend and we are doing dinner before he goes so I am thinking that when he returns we will get back on it. Too much going on this week and weekend to be totally on my diet. Ok well I am done for today.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008
Yesterday was one of the worst days ever. The day went well, the kids swam, we recouperated from our trip. Then the evening came and AHHHH. Shawn gets a phone call from his parents to say that their motorhome had died on the way home from the same fishing trip we were on, they sold the motor home to some guy stuffed all their belongings in with my brother in law and started their drive home, then I go to school to find out t was cancelled, on my way home Shawn calls to tell me that Garrett is screaming in pain because his stomach hurts, I rush home and deal with him, while all of that is going on Shawn gets a phone call to tell us that the brother in laws rescue vehicle got a flat tire in the middle of no where. We are making phone calls to find a spare while garrett is throwing up. Finally we find out that they got a spare so that was done. Garrett ate like 1/2 of a bag of hot cheetos and got really sick so we are calling the family friend who is a nurse to see what we should be doing. He is lathargic and drifting in and out of sleep to throw up. Finallt he goes to bad and stopped throwing up at like midnight, we get a call to tell us that our family is almost home at the same time. Finally we can go to bed at about 12:30.
or so I thought, 2am I wake up to all the lights in the house on. My first thought was garrett, no he is ound asleep, Pj has turned every light including closet lights on and is sitting outside of his bedroom playing. He will not go back to sleep. We finally went and layed on the couch and watched cartoons until 6:30 when he fell back to sleep. I went back to bed and slept until 11am. He woke up about the same time. Lets breath. So finally everyone is up rested and feeling better this afternoon.
What a night. Hopefully everyone get some much needed rest today and everythign returns to normal.

Monday, July 21, 2008

July 21, 2008

As hard as it is to admit we are back from Bishop. We had so much fun and could have stayed longer easily. We fished our hearts out. Shawn caught a ton. The boys had so much fun. I wasn't sure about camping and fishing but I wanted to stay so badly. We stayed in our tent. We cooked everthing over an outdoor stove. Didn't shower. We camped. We went to 2 different lakes and fished 2 different rivers, and even a hot spring. It was relaxing and much needed time away from life. We went with Shawns parents, his brother and is family, and his cousin and his 2 sons. We had our drama but all in all it was a fun and memorable trip. We are already talking about when we can return.

I had planned all week on being very good on my diet while we were there but once I went to the market and realized how hard it would have been due to our cooking and keeping food cold situation I gave up and decided I would eat normal but be careful. We were so tightly packed in our car I couldn't even fit the extra food that I would have needed to eat. Everything we ate was from cans and bags. I did ok. I did have cookies, and trail mix. I don't think I over ate at all and we walked and stayed pretty active. I mean when everytime you have to use the restroom it is a walk it all adds up.

I weighed in at 180.2 this morning. Now I know I didn't eat normal for the weekend but there is one other factor in my weight. We discussed it while on our trip and everyone kind of agreed so I will write about one thing I said I would never write about. We decided that your body goes on vacation from using the bathroom while you are on trips. I have the same problem anytime we go away. My body doesn't go if you get what I mean. Like the beach it could really be a whole week. So my body was on vacation mode and I think this is partially why my weight is up as well.

Ok enough about that. Today I am cleaning and doing laundry from our trip, I have got to go to the market to get food back in the house that isn't from a can, and tonight I have my last day of the current class I am taking before my final on Wed. I am excited to get this class over and start the next one on Tues of next week. This class has been boring and hard to get through.

Ok have a good one,

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16, 2008
instead of weight and my life today I am going to tell you 10 things about me that you may not know.

1. I love action movies, not so much gross and bloody but action, adventure, the ones that make you think.

2. I wear a size 10 shoe. large for a woman I know.

3. My very favorite comfort food is a bowl of cereal on the couch.

4. I love to sing as loud as I can in the car and pretend to be a famous singer but then again who doesn't do this.

5. I have major crushes in much older men. I love Harrison Ford, Dennis Quaid, Tom Skaret. I think men look better with a few grays and wrinkles:)

6. I have a fear of getting water on my face. I keep a towel next to the shower to dry my face off if it gets wet.

7. I am obsessed with, I could go on it 15 times a day. Yet I have never gotten anything off of the site.

8. As a kids and still a little today I thought the way I would die would be a drive by shooting. no idea why and I have never told anyone that.

9. If I could spend a day with any celebrity I would have to choose either Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, or Wynonna Judd. he first 2 because I just think they would be fun. and Wynonna because I find her facinating and think we struggle with some of the same issues plus I love her voice.

10. ok last but not least I hate doing laundry, I would rather scrub a dirty toilet, I do it once a week because I have to and I hate it the entire time. I am not sure why but I don't mind putting it into the machine but I wish it would switch itself to the dryer and fold itself and the worst .put itself away. Which brings one more thing....

NUMBER 11. I always have a pile of clothes in front of my closet, usually a laundry basket with clean stuff that didn't get put away. Then I toss the million things I try on, on top of the pile. Shawn hates it but it is my one messy pleasure. It takes up half of the floor in our bathroom. it is so bad that sometime I get embarresed and throw it in the closet so the pile doesn't look as big.

Ok well there are some of my weird habits, thoughts, fears. Thought it would be fun to change it up for a day.
Have a good one,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15, 2008
I am out of Coffee. This has been a very rough morning. I am trying drinking green tea but I love my coffee.
88%, that is what I got on my midterm for the class I am currently taking. B is fine with me. I just want this class to be done. I have 3 classes left and then I start my new class for the last 6 weeks of summer.
I have a new yummy find. I can't get enough of it. I love Taco Bell, everyone knows this. They have a fresco menu with all items are under 350 calories and 9 grams of fat. I have fallen in love with this burrito it is called the fiesta chicken fresco burrito. It comes with rice, chicken, cheese, and pico salsa for 330 calories and 8 grams of fat. I get it with no rice and no cheese so I am thinking it is about 225 calories. I like it so much I had it for lunch and dinner yesterday. I am going to keep myself from getting it again today:)
I feel a little discouraged today. I made the mistake of looking at my weight charts from last summer. I lost so fast it makes me want to go back to eathing that way. I know it was so unhealthy and I am talking myself out of doing something stupid. I read an article that said diets like the one I did are as addictive as drugs. You mentally know how terrible they are but love the side effects. So one day at a time.
I did great again yesterday even with the 2 burritoes. I stayed at about 1100 calories. I weighed in this morning at 177.8 so I know the pounds are going. I think there is something about looking back at them written down. I just need to remind myself that 1 week ago I was 7 pounds heavier.
Oh yeah I updated my little weight progress thing at the top of the page and it now says that I have lost more then I need to lose. More then 50% to my goal . Whoopee.
Ok well off to the market,

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14, 2008
Good morning everyone.
Well I almost made it through my crazy weekend.
Sat. night we went to pizza for some of our families birthdays. I was really good. I packed a sandwhich, and strawberries for dessert. I did have salad with ranch from the resteraunt as my little splurge. I ate very few calories through the day before we went so that I could indulge a little while we were there. I did great. I woke up Sun. Morning and had still lost.
Then Sun. I didn't get a chance to eat until like 1:30 so i ate a salad and granola bar. I had to lay on the couch for awhile because I had been struggling with a headache all day. My tummy hurt from being hungry and I felt terrible with no energy. I gave in and we had chinese food for dinner. I looked up the calories after I had already eaten and ouch! I had a bowl with fried rice, sweet and sour pork, and 1 chicken spring roll and my dinner was over 1200 calores in 1 meal.
With all of this it made me think about 2 things how upset I was I had given in to temptation, and 2 how often before I would eat breakfast, fast food lunch, and dinner and eat like 4000 calories a day. Man they add up fast.
so I am dissapointed with myself but know today is a new day.
We finally went back to our old church. We realized as soon as we got there the that we still love it. It is much smaller and more our style. We really want to get involved in some way in a church and some of the ones we visited had a waiting list, or basically said the need was for parking lot help. At the new church someone already told us they need help with the kids, and another guy told us about a new church that is starting in a garage a few blocks from our house that is members from the church we like that needs people to help it get up and going. I am not sure we are ready to do that much work but to know there is a need at the church makes us want to do more.
So I weighed in this morning at 178.8 and it has been 1 week which means I have lost 6.6 pounds.
Have a great day, today I should find out my grade from that test last week.

Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11, 2008
Som people find it hard to sleep when they are in the first phases of a diet because the amount of calories that you are eating is so different then "Normal" that you metabolism somehow throws off your melatonins making it either very tired or where you cannot sleep. It can take up to a month to go back to normal.
So this is what I found out about why I have been lying in bed for hours at night. Shawn has had the opposite reaction, he keeps falling asleep on the couch at 9pm. Last night seemed better but I think this was because we didn't go to bed until 1am. So hopefully in the next few days my body figures it all out and fixes it.
We had a great day again yesterday. We swam, and humg out. Dinner was pancakes, eggs with syrup, and mac and cheese. I had 2 little pancakes with jelly for 300 cal. and some scrambled eggs. Shawn ate the same thing I did and we enjoyed staying on track together.
This weekend will be our first test. Shawn has already decided to be really good all day and then ahve salad and a slice of pizza. Me I think just salad and a diet soda no pizza. I am afraid if I do one little cheat this early in that I will go right back to bad habits.
I am in a whole new mindset and enjoying dieting again. I love to wake up and look forward to getting on the scale. I don't think about food all day. I eat when I have to and my body tells me it needs food. I have more energy and physically feel better when my body isn't having to work as hard to get rid of all the junk I eat.
Ok well have a great weekend and enjoy the little things. This weekend is about enjoying my kids. I realize how quickly they are growing up and I want to cherish every min. with them now.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10, 2008
Happy Birthday to my Son Cody. Today is his 8th birthday. I remember so vividly the day he was born. There is no way he is 8.
I studied alot yesterday for my midterm and I think it went really well. I will find out next week.
Yesterday was another successful weight loss day. I stayed right on track. Yesterday was kind of a hard day only because I wanted to stop and get fast food while I was out running around. I did good and came home and had a chicken breast and granola bar instead. I also had the little lingering headache for most of the day that is still there this morning. You know the kind of headache you get when you didn't get much sleep the night before. Oh and I forgot to look up how sleep and diet go together and at 12:30 after lying in bed for 1 and 1/2 hours I remembered that I said I was going to look at that. So today I am going to look into that and I will let you know tomorrow. If you have had anything like that let me know.
Today is a day of getting the house in order. While I study for tests I kind of let the house go a bit and then play catch up after I am done.
I wiehged in this morning at 179.4 so down again. and Yeah again.
Tonight for Cody's birthday we are having pancakes, eggs, and mac and cheese. Should be fun. I am going to look and see what one pancake with sugar free jelly would be. Don't want to miss out on the fun.
Have a great day,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9, 2008
I did so great again yesterday. I made great choices including our yummy taco's. I had a hard night of wanting to eat in front of the t.v. but was strong and only had a fiber granola bar. I don't know if I told you guys but Shawn is also doing a similar diet but mostly calorie based. He was also in a munchy mood last night so we supported each other and got through it.

I don't know if it just me but when I am dieting strictly I don't sleep very well. The last 2 nights I have tossed and turned much of the night. I am going to do some research on it today to see if diet and sleep go together somehow.

It was a big day in our house yesterday. Pj is starting potty training. It has been a battle of fighting with him to even go near the toilet but he is at the age where he has figured out how to take his diaper off so he never has it on. Most of our day is nude Pj running around the house. Yesterday we finally got him to go on the potty 2 times. Yeah. This morning he wants the diaper on and no toilet. It appears to be another battle day. I don't want to push him so we will see who wins the battle. One thing I can tell you is it is going to be me!

I weighed in this morning at 180.2 so down again. I am getting some of the side effects of dieting today. I have a headache that I have taken tylenol for but it is still hanging around and I have the tummy blah going on this morning.

Off to study for a midterm tonight. Oh and the pics at the top are from Cody's birthday dinner on Sun.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I did so well yesterday. I went to the market and got all back to good foods in the house. I ate the right number of calories and didn't go to low. I would have to call it a successful day. I did change a few things on the diet front, I am going to allow myself a few things that I wasn't planning on. I am going to be able to eat oatmeal, bagels that are only 1 point on weight watchers, fiber one bars which are like a soft granola bar but really high in fiber, 94% fat free popcorn, and low carb whole wheat tortillas. I want something that can be long term and to cut out everything is unrealistic. I will see how my body does with the changes and go from there.
I am excited today because I got my new cell phone. I have been needing a new phone for awhile and finally got a basically free one from my phone provider. I am excited because my new phone allows me to access my email all the time, it sends my emails right to my phone. While I am at school or away from home I can still be connected with friends and family.
I am adding a new feature to the blog. I will see how it goes for a few days and if I get bored with it I will take it off. It is called and there is a link on the right top of the blog. Twitter is basically a website that I can write little posts through the day like what I am doing or eating at that moment. Cooler because I can send them from my phone so say I am in the market and find a cool new product I can stand in the isle and send a message from my phone to Maybe I am becoming a little crazy but I think for me when school restarts it will be helpful to keep my diet on track if I send in my eating habits.
So I weighed in this morning at 182.8 yeah!!!
Have a good day,

Monday, July 7, 2008

here we go again

July 7, 2008
I took a long break from blogging and took the time to refigure some things out. I got back into an old mindset that let me think that 1000's of calories a day wouldn't catch up with me. So I am on a new mission to lose these damn pounds and this time they are not going on vacation just to return back to their native land, this time they are moving out! My extra pounds have been given an eviction notice to vacate the current property. They are causing damage, heart ache, finacial loss in all the clothes I have and cannot wear, basically thay have got to go!
So I am restarting 100% with everything I have got today. None of this diet on weekdays and not on weekends. I have given it alot of thought, research, time, and effort and have decided my attack plan. I am going to be doing 1000-1200 calories a day, low fat 20 grams max, and no processed carbs, I can only have carbs from fruits, veggies, and protein. Basically, no sugar or flour.
So here is the worst news of all.
I took a little vacation from dieting and went nuts, I ate my ass off. Ok so not off or I wouldn't be here. Basically I got back into old habits like Pepsi, a bowl of cereal every night after dinner as a snack, fast food, and alot of Junk food.
I weighed in this morning at 185.4, I hate to even write that number. Makes me sad but here I am starting new and not looking at I gained back I am just looking at it as I am starting from 185.4. There it is the true number.
he good part is we had a last whoopla yesterday. Cody's birthday is on Thur. and instead of being good on his birthday dinner we went out yesterday. We had Rainforest Cafe and frozen cheesecake for dessert. Which means 2 things, 1 I am totally bloated and full of terrible foods, and 2 the scale moves fast at the start.

Can't wait to weigh in tomorrow.