Monday, July 21, 2008

July 21, 2008

As hard as it is to admit we are back from Bishop. We had so much fun and could have stayed longer easily. We fished our hearts out. Shawn caught a ton. The boys had so much fun. I wasn't sure about camping and fishing but I wanted to stay so badly. We stayed in our tent. We cooked everthing over an outdoor stove. Didn't shower. We camped. We went to 2 different lakes and fished 2 different rivers, and even a hot spring. It was relaxing and much needed time away from life. We went with Shawns parents, his brother and is family, and his cousin and his 2 sons. We had our drama but all in all it was a fun and memorable trip. We are already talking about when we can return.

I had planned all week on being very good on my diet while we were there but once I went to the market and realized how hard it would have been due to our cooking and keeping food cold situation I gave up and decided I would eat normal but be careful. We were so tightly packed in our car I couldn't even fit the extra food that I would have needed to eat. Everything we ate was from cans and bags. I did ok. I did have cookies, and trail mix. I don't think I over ate at all and we walked and stayed pretty active. I mean when everytime you have to use the restroom it is a walk it all adds up.

I weighed in at 180.2 this morning. Now I know I didn't eat normal for the weekend but there is one other factor in my weight. We discussed it while on our trip and everyone kind of agreed so I will write about one thing I said I would never write about. We decided that your body goes on vacation from using the bathroom while you are on trips. I have the same problem anytime we go away. My body doesn't go if you get what I mean. Like the beach it could really be a whole week. So my body was on vacation mode and I think this is partially why my weight is up as well.

Ok enough about that. Today I am cleaning and doing laundry from our trip, I have got to go to the market to get food back in the house that isn't from a can, and tonight I have my last day of the current class I am taking before my final on Wed. I am excited to get this class over and start the next one on Tues of next week. This class has been boring and hard to get through.

Ok have a good one,

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