Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15, 2008
I am out of Coffee. This has been a very rough morning. I am trying drinking green tea but I love my coffee.
88%, that is what I got on my midterm for the class I am currently taking. B is fine with me. I just want this class to be done. I have 3 classes left and then I start my new class for the last 6 weeks of summer.
I have a new yummy find. I can't get enough of it. I love Taco Bell, everyone knows this. They have a fresco menu with all items are under 350 calories and 9 grams of fat. I have fallen in love with this burrito it is called the fiesta chicken fresco burrito. It comes with rice, chicken, cheese, and pico salsa for 330 calories and 8 grams of fat. I get it with no rice and no cheese so I am thinking it is about 225 calories. I like it so much I had it for lunch and dinner yesterday. I am going to keep myself from getting it again today:)
I feel a little discouraged today. I made the mistake of looking at my weight charts from last summer. I lost so fast it makes me want to go back to eathing that way. I know it was so unhealthy and I am talking myself out of doing something stupid. I read an article that said diets like the one I did are as addictive as drugs. You mentally know how terrible they are but love the side effects. So one day at a time.
I did great again yesterday even with the 2 burritoes. I stayed at about 1100 calories. I weighed in this morning at 177.8 so I know the pounds are going. I think there is something about looking back at them written down. I just need to remind myself that 1 week ago I was 7 pounds heavier.
Oh yeah I updated my little weight progress thing at the top of the page and it now says that I have lost more then I need to lose. More then 50% to my goal . Whoopee.
Ok well off to the market,

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Tiny said...

Seven pounds in a week is still GREAT Ali! And you're doing it in a healthy way. :) Keep up the good work and stay focused on the positive results you've already achieved...like being halfway to your goal--that's awesome!!!