Friday, August 29, 2008

Aug. 29, 2008
I feel a little better this morning. I had a rough night of wanting to eat but didn't. I feel better this morning except the scale says I gained .5 pound. I not to worried about it because I know that I didn't cheat so it will go back down.
I am looking forward to a long and busy weekend but I am worried about the food part of everything. There a bbq all weekend. We are going to 3 in all. I am going to try to be really good although I know it is going to be really tough.
Update on Brandy----
She is feeling %95 better. She still had the chest tube in and it is definitly helping. She is ready to go home but the doc. says not yet. Justin said hopefully this weekend she will get to go home. Justin has to go back to work on Tues, and Brandy got a new job which she is really ready to start.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I feel so yucky. I am doing a mid day report because I feel that bed. I have a heacdache and I am so tired. I feel like I am getting sick:( I am hoping that it is just sugar withdraws. I hate dieting and not being able to fix this aweful feeling by just drinking a Pepsi or eating something with sugar. I think I am going to take it easy tonight and will post tomorrow. Hope I feel better.
Aug. 28, 2008
I want to go back to bed. This idea of going to bed at 11 and getting up at 6 is catching up with me. Yesterday at about 2:30 I had to lie down for a but because I was falling asleep sitting up. 30 min later I felt a little better. It is hard because I still want my time in the evening with Shawn but have to get up early for Garrett. So my plan is already a nap.
Another good day of eating yesterday. I do need to go buy more grapes but I made it through the day without any cheating. I weighed in this morning at 178.2 so almost another pound.
Today the kids are at school, the house is clean, the yard is clean, the laundry done, it is a me day. Have a good one,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aug. 27, 2008
Good morning people.
Yesterday went well. I was really good on the eating side. I have a new addiction to grapes. Everytime I want something sweet, which is all the time, I grab a handfull of grapes. I guess I could make a better choice but it is better then a cookie, or candy. I weighed in at 179 this morning.
I went to visit my mom yesterday and help her get her classroom ready for starting the new school year. In exchange for my help she bought the kids some school supplies. I was shocked when I got the kids supply list of stuff for the year. It cost me over 100$ to get everythign they needed and I already had some of the stuff. Good thing grandma is a teacher and had most of the stuff in her classroom.
Update on Brandy.
Brandy had the cat scan and there are no holes in her lungs. They did however find fluid on the outside of her lungs. She had surgery yesterday morning to have a chest tube put in to drain all the fluid. She is already feeling much better because the pressure is not as bad as it was. She is working on getting her lungs back in shape. They are leaving the chest tube in until they are sure there is no more fluid in her chest. They are also testing the fluid to make sure that they are treating her for all infestions of for some reason they are different. So she is still in the hospital but things are slowely getting better.
Well off to take care of house stuff,

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aug. 26, 2008
yesterday was so hard. I wanted to eat anything and everything. I had a terrible headache last night. I am feeling better this morning but I hate days like that. I talked a bunch with Shawn about how I am going to need help this weekend with food at all of our events. He is all on board to help keep me motivated and on track.
The kids first day back to school went really well. Garrett had alot of fun. He likes his teacher. He is going to be staying in band this year and is excited because he isn't the only trombone player again. Cody likes his teacher as well. He was a little bummed because he got alot of homework on his first day. They were both excited today because they get to eat in the cafeteria and I didn't pack them a lunch.
On the diet side I did really well. I ate on track with my new plan which is still limiting processed carbs. I am eating as many fruits and veggies as I want and last night I had rice but like a 1/2 of a cup. I did overindulge in one thing yesterday but I am proud to say it was greenbeans:)
I weighed in this morning at 180.2 so down 2 1/2 from yesterday. Just that is enought to keep me motivated for one more day.
Update on Brandy----
Brandy is still in the hospital and continuing to get antibiotics. Everytime I talk to my brother he keeps telling me two more days and then she goes home. She has been in the hospital since last Monday. So please continue to pray for her. They are doing more testing to see if it has absessed her longs so hope that goes well.
Have a good day,

Monday, August 25, 2008

Aug. 25, 2008
Well there is only one reason I would be up at 6:00 am, The kids are back in school today. Garrett has to be on the bus at 6:45. The nice part is Cody doesn't have to be up until 7:30 so I have 45 min. to myself. Instead of taking me time this morning I started laundry and emptied the dish washer. I guess these are Mom things. Now for the me time I am wrtiting my blog and then I am hoping to get in my devotional before life starts again.
Today is the day I am starting my diet. I can think of ever reason in the world why I shouldn't start a diet. Next weekend we have a special Quakes BBq for people who have season tickets, then Sun we are going to a housewarming for a friend, and then Mon. we have a bbq at my in laws. Instead of putting it off I am just going to be careful with all the upcoming festivities.
I know many of you are aware that I would like to have surgery to fix some of my c-section stuff and just feel better and more like my body should be. I am aiming for next summer. I wanted to do it over Christmas vacation but part of the deal was to get to 160 or lower and maintain my weight for 6 mo. so next summer is the new goal.
Ok well off to wake up Cody.
Have a great monday,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aug. 21, 2008
I am exhausted today.
Yesterday went a little different then expected. I babysat my nephew which went really well and then had the chance to hang out and chat with my sis on law for a few hours. Next we went to Cody's soccer practice without Cody because he was at the beach with my brother and sister in law. After practice we went to pick up the kids and eat dinner while watching a soccer game. We got to my brother and sis on laws house and my brother in law was in a great deal of stomach pain. He and my sis in law ended up going to the e.r. while we stayed home with the 6 boys. We got them all to sleep just as my brother in law got home. The e.r. wasn't able to find anything wrong with him but gave him meds to feel better. I am going to check in with them today and see how he is doing. So all in all a crazy night. By the time we got home and settled down it was about 1am. So bed at 2am and my Mom called at 8am to wake me up.
My sis in law Brandy is still the same as she has been since Monday. They still have not figured out what bacteria it is so they just keep up-ing her meds in hopes that it will help. As of late last night she was still in pain and the 2 day hospital stay has so far been 3 and looks like will be about 2 or more days. So keep her in your prayers.
Today I have school and tired boys who just want to stay home and relax. Sounds good to me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aug. 20, 2008
What a crazy day yesterday. My sister in law Brandy was admitted to the hospital with Pneumonia. She is ok but in pain and they are trying to figure out the bacteria so they can treat it. So please pray for her.
The kids are at their cousins house and at the beach for the day. So we got my other sis on law to watch Pj for a few hours last night and we went on a little date to resteraunt hop in victoria gardens. We had an appetizer at one place, another appetizer at another place, and then dessert at another place. It was fun and something we have talked about doing for awhile.
I get to babysit my 6 mo. old nephew today. I am excited but it will be interesting to see how it all goes.
Well off to get ready before the baby gets here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Aug. 18, 2008
Wow it has been awhile. Life is crazy busy. The boys go back to school in 1 week. Garrett is at a Junior High tour and meet your teachers day right now. He was scared but I am sure he will be fine. He got to buy P.E. clothes so that was really exciting. Cody is excited because garrett got P.E. clothes and want to check them out. I don't think Cody knows that gym clothes are just shorts and a t-shirt.
With life still up in the air and crazy I have made a date to restart my diet. Monday Aug. 25th. This will be the day the kids go back to school and as crazy as it is the life we live will be standard for awhile. The kids are back in school for 1 month before I go back to school so that gives me a little time to get in the swing of things before I throw my life into the mix.
I am going to really try to take Pj on a walk in the mornings. I have had a sore knee for over a year now. I have no idea what I did but I can't keep living life not doing things because of it. I am going to make a Dr. appt. and get it looked at. I also am going to try light walking every other day and try to strenghten it. My plan is not to go miles but just see how well I can do a little but at a time.
Ok well I will try to post again this week but next Monday I will be back in full swing of diet, blog, and walking.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aug. 13, 2008
Sorry it has been a few days. We have been waking up late and going to bed even later. Shawn loves the Olympics. We stay up every night to watch it until 1am. I need to get back on a schedule, I am so tired.
Garrett is still at camp and we are missing him terrible. Cody doesn't like to sleep alone and Pj broke down in tears last night because he misses Buddy really alot. 2 more days.
We started soccer this week. So far the only problem is getting people to the park and on time. Hope it goes better tonight.
Well I have a test tomorrow that I am totally unprepared for. Need to write 2 papers and study before 5 tomorrow.
Well off to put of doing my homeowrk some more.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Aug. 11, 2008
Garrett is gone to camp. We dropped him off yesterday and he will return on Friday. He was a little tearful when we left but I am sure he will be fine. Cody is a little out of sorts and doesn't know what to do with himself. Pj keeps walking around saying "I miss Buddy".
Cody starts soccer tonight so he is thrilled. I am not sure if I told you but Shawn is the coach and I am the team mom. Should be a fun and busy season. We will be hitting you all up for cookie dough sales soon:).
I was planning on starting dieting again today but I don't go shopping again until Friday and there is no diet friendly food int he house. I am still drinking diet and not going to crazy. So next Monday is the plan. The kids are all back home and life will start to slow down again before school. I hate summer break for dieting, life just throws you to many curve balls to plan well.
So today it is getting ready for our parent meeting and cleaning the house up from our busy weekend.
Have a good monday,

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aug. 7, 2008
Lets just say I was not good again and am planning on getting back to my diet after the weekend.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug. 6, 2008
Didn't have much to say yesterday so I took a break from the blog. I am in the same boat today. I am hanging out with my boys.
On the diet side I have been really struggling. My mom sent ice cream home with us for the boys. I love ice cream and will find any reason to eat it. I have been eating the ice cream and then last night we had pizza for dinner. I have been making good choices in the morning and lunch and at 4pm it all goes downhill. Today I am going to try to be better and stick with it for an entire day. I am thinking of taking the ice cream and throwing it away so I don't have to look at it.
We all struggle with something, how come my struggle couldn't be with being to thin or being an exercise-aholic, I stuggle with food.
I did have to go buy new jeans and got a 13 juniors. I am out of the 15/15 that I was in for a bit. Now I jus thave to get back int he 12 so I have clothes to wear to school.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Aug. 4, 2008
We had a fantastic weekend of hanging out with tons of family and friends. Sat. we went to my Grandmothers house to swim and visit with her. When we left her we went to my Mom's and visited with my Uncle and Cousins. We also had the chance to see my Grandfather, his brother and my great Aunt who I have always loved because she is 100% italian and can cook like noone else I know. We also saw a bunch of cousins. It was fun.
Sun we woke up and went to church in Upland. For the first time I feel like I was told where Shawn and I should be offering to help in the church. We always have said we need to get more involved and voleenteer in some way. Well I feel like God has told me and now I need to work on how I should pull it together. So please pray for me in that area.
After church we came home and Chris and Ali came over. We love to see and hang out with them. The kids swam and we chatted about everything and everyone. It was fun and a much needed afternoon of relaxing.
As for dieting I was super good all day leading up the events. I ate very low calorie so that I would be able to enjoy myself and not be the girl who is dieting. I did over do it a bit at the times I did eat with chips and desserts. I am not going to weigh in today. After a weekend of eating somewhat normal I am going to weigh in tomorrow once I know that scale will drop a bit and I won't be discouraged by the number.
So off to do all the Mommy stuff I need to do.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Aug. 2, 2008
Sat. edition
well I am posting because I had my first terrible day yesterday. I didn't get a chance to eat anything until 5pm and then I had a burrito and a pepsi, then later a bag of cornnuts and a pear Not very good diet choices. I only hope that the cleaning all day will count as exercise. Well Off to enjoy the weekend.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Aug. 1, 2008
Only 5 more weeks. 5 more weeks and then I am done with this class. It is interesting, it is all about the biological, cultural, and other views of sex and gender. Last night was all about the anatomy of plants, people, frog, etc. 3 1/2 hours of this. By the 3rd hour my head hurt so bad. I know on Tues. I am going to be taking food, water, and tylenol in my backpack. If this was a normal 2 hour class I would really enjoy it but sitting for 4 hours listening is just tough for me.

So we all know that I ate the chocolate kettle corn yesterday. I ate an entire bag of it. I counted it as my dinner even though I ate it at 2pm. Then dinner was a pear. I did fantastic again except for the overdoing it in the popcorn dept. I still stayed right at my 1000 cal. except yesterday was the first day I added carbs back in. I didn't carb count at all. It is much easier to eat this was but the results for my body are much, much slower. It is funny how something that works for one person may not work as well for another. I used to get mad and say diets didn't work for me. The truth is they just didn't work as fast or I didn't get to eat what I wanted. I like this diet, I know it and it works for me.

My Uncle Dan, my Mom's brother flew in from Virginia with my 2 cousins. I was very close with my uncle growing up, he was the only Uncle that lived anywhere near us. He got married when I was 11 and moved away. I have seen him once but I have never met my cousins who are 17 and 12. his weekend we are going to my Mom's house to hang out and visit with them. The food may be a challange. We are having lasagna. My plan is to make my yummy caesar salad and take some chicken. avoid tempation and I think I will be good.
Well Off to clean, what else?