Friday, August 29, 2008

Aug. 29, 2008
I feel a little better this morning. I had a rough night of wanting to eat but didn't. I feel better this morning except the scale says I gained .5 pound. I not to worried about it because I know that I didn't cheat so it will go back down.
I am looking forward to a long and busy weekend but I am worried about the food part of everything. There a bbq all weekend. We are going to 3 in all. I am going to try to be really good although I know it is going to be really tough.
Update on Brandy----
She is feeling %95 better. She still had the chest tube in and it is definitly helping. She is ready to go home but the doc. says not yet. Justin said hopefully this weekend she will get to go home. Justin has to go back to work on Tues, and Brandy got a new job which she is really ready to start.
Have a great weekend.

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