Wednesday, September 3, 2008

For my post today I am attaching a copy of an email I got from my brother about Brandy. Please continue to pray for her.
I just wanted to let everyone know the latest with Brandy. She is still in the hospital, going on day 16 and just when we thought she would be heading home, her chest tube continued to drain fluid and blood. She is comfortable but still has fevers, and today her blood count was down to dangerous levels. She received a blood transfusion tonight and hopfully tomorrow she will be doing much better. The doctors are not sure what is going on, they think the infection may have damaged some of the lung tissue or that the body is still just trying to fight the infection and is sending blood to the area that has the chest tube. I just wanted to make sure everyone is up to date and if you are religious, continue to pray, eveyone else keep her in your thoughts. Hopfully the next update is soon and it is about her finally coming home, only time will tell.
Thanks everyone, Justin

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