Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nothing new yet on my sis in lasw yet today. I am really worried about her. Sounds like if they are not able to get the bleeding to stop they will do surgery. Hopefully it is all figured out before it gets to that point. Also a new prayer request. The job that she got and said they would wait for her to get out of the hospital is now saying that may not be able to hold the job for her. Isn't that sad? Here she is in the hospital very ill and they might not let her have the jobb they gave to her because they cannot wait a few weeks.
Anyways, on the eating side lets just say I went back into old habits of not dieting. I am bad to bad eating. I am 100% for sure restarting on Monday of nect week. We have a very busy wedding weekend and crazyness this weekend. Once life is "normal" again I can concentrate on dieting. I have to return to school in 3 weeks so the pressure for my pants to fit is on.
I think I did well on my final on Tues. night. I am still waiting for my grade. I am so excited to have a few weeks off of school. I was thinking of each day doing 1 thing in my house that I have been putting off like painting the rest of the house trim, or painting the front door, so far I don't feel like doing anything but relaxing. I am sure after this weekend I will get on the ball with some of that stuff. If not, my house isn't going anywhere and there is always Christmas break.
have a good day,

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