Friday, September 5, 2008

Sept. 5, 2008
I am so excited. I was in BAD need of new pots and pans. Mine were chipped and about 6 years old. I was not planning on buying new ones at this moment. Thought mine would be fine for another 1-2 years. Well I was walking around a local store and they had a deal I couldn't pass up. I got a 10 piece set that is really nice calphalon normally 399.00 for $50. how cool is that. Last box too. I love when things happen like that.
Nothing new with Brandy I talked with Justin yesterday and she hadn't changed at all. I just want her to get better fast.
Shawn was a a wedding rehearsal last night so the kids and I decided to try a new recipe. Yum. Not diet friendly but just like the stuff you get at the fair and super easy.
Fair style kettle corn-------
in a large pot put 1/4 c. oil, when the oil gets hot add 1/2 c. popcorn kernals(the real stuff), sprinkle the top of the kernals with 1/4 c. white sugar. Put a lid on the pot and start shaking over the heat. If you don't shake it burn pretty easily. We took about 5-7 min of shaking. Once you hear the popping slow down take off the lid and sprinkle with about 1teaspoon of salt and shake a few second more put it into a bowl and enjoy, watch out it will be really hot give it 5-10 min to cool. Enjoy.
Have a good weekend.

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