Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Have you ever had zero motivation to do something. That is how I have felt about everything for the last few weeks. I am up to my neck in soccer, kids with tons of homework, back to school, life...I haven't dieted, I haven't done my one house project a day like painting my front door. Nothing. I am in recouperation mode from my long school year and nonstop life. I actually got bored yesterday while the kids were at school and made a candlelit dinner for the family. It is nice to actually have the time to make a nice dinner and eat as a family. When school starts next week it is back to get home at 6:30 try to have something to eat and kids in bed my 7:30.
The great news is I have a date, June 20, 2009 is my graduation day. I have 9 months until I am done with school. I have to turn in my graduation paperwork next month and this year will be about getting my credential work figured out and all of the state testing I need to have done by next summer. So I guess it is bitter sweet, just when you are almost done you have more to do.
But all in all life has been good. Time with my family, soccer all the time, lots of being a mom.
Well I am off to get the ids ready for school.

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