Monday, November 17, 2008

Nov. 17, 2008
I am happy to report that all of our friends and family are safe after all these crazy fires. We know it affected our brother and sis in law but also Shawn's friend Matt and his brother scott. Everyone is fine but I know it was a little scary there for a day.
With all of the crazy fires and weather all of our plans changed for the weekend. We went to Shawn's work and worked on Sat. morning then we were supposed to have soccer but it got cancelled and we ended up watching the news all night. Sun. we were supposed to go to a bday party but because they got evacuated we ended up staying home and I got the chance to get a few necklaces done.
So today I am going to the market and filling the house with "good food" My plan was to do it this weekwnd but never got to it. So today I am looking up some recipies and all that jazz. Shawn is going to be joining me in doing w.w. so I will be planning for both of us. Our plan is to make it to Thanksgiving with no cheating and then cheat as much as we want that day and then get back on.
I follow a blog of another person and she says every once in awhile that she feels like all she is doing is blogging about failing. I really feel like that right now. I really don't have the energy to do a diet. I feel like I can't handle one more thing. I am hoping that dieting will give me some energy back so I can handle all of this.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nov. 14, 2008
What a week. I just keep having weeks where I just cannot keep up with life. I am up to my eyeballs in house, kids, life, and especially school. TGIF is all I have to say.
In 2 weeks we have our big ceramics sale for the year. The good part is it is a chance to make a but of holiday money. The bad part is I have nothing, not even one thing to sell. I am going to be spending the weekend making up some necklaces and ornaments to sell. I am in real need of a ceramics wheel here at home. I love going to school but with kids and life I just can't go there whenever I want. I am hoping to sell enough stuff through the holidays to raise about $500 bucks. So wish me luck.
Ok so as for dieting it hasn't gone very well this week. We ran out of food in the house that was healthy and went on a hot dog and macaroni diet for the week. I am going to the market this weekend and Monday will be a whole new day. So Monday I will weigh in a start over again.
Ok well I am off to get dirty and clean the house and put away my laundry from Monday.
Have a good weekend.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov. 10, 2008
WE FOUND DUSTY!!!! We got a phone call on Friday night that a woman had Dusty. We went and got him and the kids are so happy. He was over 5 miles from our house and he was on the other side of 2 freeways. We are so happy that he wasn't hit or hurt. He does have a few bite marks like Harley but much fewer of them. So our weekend was much better then I had anticipated.
Sat. we went to Cody's soccer game and they had their first win. Yeah and finally. Sat night Justin and Brandy came over and baby sat the kids and Shawn and I went out and used the gift certificate to Northwoods that we got last Christmas. It was a nice quiet time and we enjoyed just eating in quiet together.
Sun I had to go to school and get some work done. I feel like I am always behind and trying to catch up this quarter. I went to school and worked for about 3 hours and still feel like I didn't get much done. The rest of Sun. I enjoyed a nice family day. I cooked lunch, dinner, and dessert. I enjoyed my boys and the couch.
Ok so for the diet I didn't do it all weekend. I have been terrrible since Friday. When I get stressed I like to eat to feel better so with the whole dog thing I ate. I didn't weigh in because I didn't want to.
So today I am going to try to get back on the diet wagon.
Well have a good Monday.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nov. 7, 2008
This week has sucked.
As you know we lost the dogs on Tues. well after searching all day I finally came home and our girl dog Harley had made her way home. She was freaked out and growling when I got close to her she was covered in blood. We washed her and she had gotten attacked ny another dog and is covered in bite marks. She has 3 that are really deep and bad so she is sore and having a hard time getting around. We have been giving her asprine and keeping her clean. So the good news is she is home the bad news she is freaked out by all noises, most people, most everything and she doesn't want to be alone. So she is basically our baby.
As for Dusty we still have no wird on him. We have been to ever shelter, posted signs everwhere, seached every neighborhood, even walked the local fields to even find a body. The kids are starting to give up and are very upset. I have to admit I cry when I think about it. I just don't know what to do next. You don't relalize how attached to your pets you are until stuff like this happens. We are going to the 3 shelters tomorrow to look again. The shelters told us check back every 3 days and don't give up for at least 2 months.
On top of the dogs school has been hectic, Shawn has had a toon of work to do, and the house is trashed because I haven't been home to pick up the mess.
Diet has still been ok. We have had fast food the last few nights. I have been good all day and then I am careful at dinner. I have stayed the same weight so at least I am not gaining.
Well off to a busy weekend.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nov. 5, 2008
I am done with midterm. Yeah! I am not sure how I did but I am done. I think it went well.
I got home yesterday and our dogs broke the gate and ran away again. We looked all night and some this morning but nothing. I am going to spend the day making signs and going to the animal shelter to look for them. So once again the kids are all upset. I am just mad that the dogs keep doing this. Oh well.
With all the craziness we did get fast food for dinner and sit on the couch watching election results. I was good all day Mon and most of the day yesterday. I did weigh in yesterday at 178 so I am still in the same little 1 pound range so good news for me.
Well I am off to do dog searching

Monday, November 3, 2008

So I added back on here because I finally figured out how it all worked. You can also follow my weight watchers buddy Roni. Look on the side of my blog and I will post from my phone through out the day. Hope it works. I am thinking of posting my foods as well as kind of like a journal.

Nov. 3, 2008

Unsuccesful, that is what I will officially title this weekend as far as dieting. I totally blew it. Fri. in Oak Glen I was ate a little smaller portions of everything but still ate alot in those small portions. Dinner we had taco's and a few margarita's with the margarita machine that my brother rented for his Halloween reception. I chose not to weigh in on Sat. because I didn't want to get discouraged before a very long and busy day. I ate a few candies, food, margaritas, you know party food. Not terrible because I worked all day to get ready for the party. The party was super fun and we saw alot if neat costumes. Sun which should have been my redemption day turned into another funfilled eating day. I woke up and was too sore and tired to go to school like I was supposed to. Instead we slept in and then got McDonalds. Then we munched on chili cheese chips for lunch and dinner. In between chips and stuff was candy and leftover margaritas. Don't worry almost all of my margaritas were virgins. Today I chose not to weigh in again because I know I did terrible and I really don't need the scale to discourge me today. I am going to have a few good days before I brave the scale again.
Ok well I have a final tomorrow which I have not studied for yet so off to study.