Monday, November 17, 2008

Nov. 17, 2008
I am happy to report that all of our friends and family are safe after all these crazy fires. We know it affected our brother and sis in law but also Shawn's friend Matt and his brother scott. Everyone is fine but I know it was a little scary there for a day.
With all of the crazy fires and weather all of our plans changed for the weekend. We went to Shawn's work and worked on Sat. morning then we were supposed to have soccer but it got cancelled and we ended up watching the news all night. Sun. we were supposed to go to a bday party but because they got evacuated we ended up staying home and I got the chance to get a few necklaces done.
So today I am going to the market and filling the house with "good food" My plan was to do it this weekwnd but never got to it. So today I am looking up some recipies and all that jazz. Shawn is going to be joining me in doing w.w. so I will be planning for both of us. Our plan is to make it to Thanksgiving with no cheating and then cheat as much as we want that day and then get back on.
I follow a blog of another person and she says every once in awhile that she feels like all she is doing is blogging about failing. I really feel like that right now. I really don't have the energy to do a diet. I feel like I can't handle one more thing. I am hoping that dieting will give me some energy back so I can handle all of this.

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