Friday, August 31, 2007

Aug. 31st, 2007
Our company has arrived!!! The Peelers got here yesterday just after lunch. The boys have been playing and eating up a storm. Can you imagine 7 kids under 12, Yikes! It makes me glad that I don't have 7 kids on a normal basis. Last night the guys went out and the girls and kids ordered pizza. Shawn and I did have to leave for a little bit and go to the kids back to school. Both of the boys have great teachers and were very supportive and glad that we did our home summer school. Garrett's teacher is totally willing to do anything we need to help with his scotopic sensativity. We stayed behind and talked one on one with his teacher for like 30 min. I think it is going to be a great year.
Today I weighed in at 183.4 for a total of 32.8 pounds gone. I feel great to be back on track and hope that this weekend goes ok. I did have some pizza last night but it was the only thing I ate the whole day. Well tonight we are planning on a bbq and swimming in the back yard.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Aug. 30, 2007
Is this weather not totally wierd? We at around 2 am had thunder and lightning and bits of rain throught the rest of te night. The humidity is the worst part, yuck. Whave company coming into town today. Kim and Jim with their 4 boys will be staying at our place until Sat. Yesterday I didn't get a chance to post becasue I was crazy busy. With SHawn being out of commision I get all the fun duties, I mowed the lawn again, cleaned the house, did the grocery shopping, and the laundry. My day was so full I never got online all day. Shawn is doing ok, his leg is so swollen that his heal is now this funny purple color but I guess the doc said to kind of expect it to swell alot. It looks so incredibly painful. He went to work yesterday for the first time since getting hurt and he said other then having to get up and move around the day went ok.
I weighed in this morning at 184.2 which puts me back to my pre last crazy weekend weight. I am back to 32 pounds lost to date. I am not going to expect to lose a certain amount any more by a certain time. It seems like every time I say I should be at a certain weight by such and such a date I gain or don't lose. From now on I am just going to go with the flow. Have a great Thursday.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Aug. 28, 2007
We spent the day yesterdayat the doctor for Shawn. We went early in hopes of getting his referal so that he could get his second appt. later the same afternoon. I called the Doc in the afternoon to see if the referal was ready becasue we had not heard from them and the hospital was not sending my info over to the doc. I called the hospital very upset and with am attitude and they faxed it while I was on the phone. The doctor gave me the phone number to call for the orthopedic doc. and when I called they couldn't fit him in for over 2 weeks. I called the doc back and told them what was up and they had me call all over the place to get a doctpr to fit him ina nd then they changed the referal to go with the doc I found. We finally got an appt. in redlands this afternoon. When we were talking to the doc office they also told us that there is a possible fracture on shawn's leg when the specialist looked at the x-rays so he is also going in to have that double checked. My day was stressful and crazy. The kids started school yesterday. It was hard becasue literilly Shawn has to sit and watch what is going on. He cannot walk, lift, basically anything. He is trying so hard to care for himself and feels bad asking for help. I do not mind at all, isn't that part of your vows. I know it can only get better. I just hope that today when I help the kids with homework I am not yelling at doctors at the same time.
With the crazy weekend I did not stick to plan at all. Yesterday I was good until dinner but I was so tired I couldn't evven cook so we had burritoes oops. Today I asked Shawn to help me and he is going to help hold me accountable. We are going to docs today, and we have a football draft tonight for fantast. Busy day but I can handle it all I think! Oh I am weighing in at 187.4 so up 3 pounds. It's coming back off baby,

Monday, August 27, 2007

Aug. 27, 2007
I am making it short today. We are running around to doc appt for Shawn today. The boys started school this morning. I had a terrible cheat weekend and gained like 3 pounds. Fun times. I will post more tommorow when I have a free second.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Aug. 26, 2007

Yesterday we had alot of fun with our nieces. Shawn was in pain but managed to go get ice cream, go to the park, and eat lots of pizza. He didn't move much during the day. Fianlly after dinner I called a few ER's to see if they were busy. Chino valley said there was almost noone there. Shawn took off in my car, I now drive his stickshift and he get's to drive mine for awhile. About 2 hours later I get a phone call from Shawn that he is coming home. I think it couldn't be that bad if he is already done. Wrong. Shawn has a sprained knee, a contusion of the ribs which is just a bad bruise, a severly sprained wrist, and the kicker a broken arm. He broke the radial bone in his arm right by his elbow. He is now in a leg brace for the knee, and a soft cast for his arm and wrist. Tommorow he has to go see our doctor and get a referal to an orthopedic doctor for a real cast. He will be in a cast for 4-8 weeks. Who knew one good fall could do so much damage. So now Shawn is drugged up on vicodin and strong ibuprofin. He has not been able to sleep much. He is just being a trooper.

I weighed in this morning at 184.6 up a few from yesterday. I ate kind of whatever I wanted to today. We went to gilato or italian ice cream and we had round table for dinner. Other then those I did stay on plan, no regular soda or anything like that. Back on today.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Aug, 25, 2007
I get a phone call last night from Shawn that when he was at softball he was sliding into one of the bases and the guy on base stuck his foot out and tripped Shawn. 2 guys from Shawn's team had to carry him off of the field becasue he couldn't walk homself off. He spent the night at Matt's because he couldn't drive himself home. He hurt his left leg and his right arm great things to hurt in a stickshift car. I spoke with his this morning and he is going to go to our urgent care today becasue he knows he hurt his arm pretty good. I will see him in a few minutes and assess the damage myself. I told him he can be hurt but he has to be better by next weekend becasue we are supposed to golf on Sun and Mon. I will keep you all up to date.
Well I skipped right on over pound 31 and went right to 32 this morning. I weighed in at 184.2 so my loss for the week was like 1.5 pounds. I am just happy I had a loss after the major stalls this week.
We are watching my nieces Megan and Katarina this weekend. Today is Dirk's birthday and they are going to a winery for dinner and a hotel plus wine tasting tonight. We are planning a day of movies, swimming, and pizza. Fun and relaxing.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Aug. 24, 2007
So what I thought was going to be a pedicure turned into a 1 hr foot reflexology session. I was way off. Jeanne's hint was it will make you lighter on your feet. Who knew that reflexology can help aid in weight loss. I get to Jeanne's for what I know is a 7pm appointment. We drive across Colima to a small shop hidden in the corner of a strip mall. We walk into a front reception area with bright yellow walls and a nice atmosphere. I was a little nervous because I am not a massage kind of person. We go sit in a back room in big leather chairs, the atmoshphere in this room is alot different then the front room. The room is dimmly lit and relaxing. They did have a big screen with a chinese tv program on. jeanne and I were the only people in the room except for the people who work there. The two men who did out session spoke pretty much no english which was kinda cool becasue we could talk about whatever we wanted and they had no idea what we were saying. They started by putting our feet in a tub of really hot water. Next they started massaging our backs, arms, neck, head, face, and hands. It was not like a normal massage it was if they had a pattern they were following. After the body part they started the foot part. Your feet are on an ottoman and the men sit on a stool. They use a tone of either oil or clear lotion I am not sure. They spent about 40 min rubbing our feet and legs. There were times that were a little painful becasue they pushed really hard on tender spots. They serve you green tea and a small plate of little asian cookies and treats. Jeanne and I tried a few and didn't find anything that was not tasty. After being rubbed, slapped, hit, and kneeded we were done. They used very hot towels and clean off all the extra lotion. At the end you feel relaxed and rejuvinated. I would definitly do it again. We had a really good time and it is another fantastic thing that I would have never done for myself. A huge thanks to Randy and jeanne for the fantastic and relaxing evening. Of course there were a few giggles in the whole thing from having no idea what the heck they are doing but it is a memory that I will have forever.
I weighed in this morning at 185.4 so I had a .4 drop bringing my total to 30.8 so far. My weight is going off so slowely I just hope that it is coming off in inches instead. I keep thinking I should change it up for a week or so by doing weight watchers and then coming back to my diet but I have been so successful I am nervous about trying it. If in a few more days I am not dropping I will try it.
Thanks again jeanne for a funny night.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Aug. 23, 2007
Shawn and I had so much fun watching movies the other night we decided to do a repeat last night and watch movies all night again. We rented Disturbia and Premonition. I love our video store because it is only $1.25 during the week to rent and $2.50 on the weekends so for last night it cost $2.50 which is so cheap. We started with disturbia which is about this teenage guy who gets house arrest for a stupid crime and starts to watch his neighbors out of bordom. He thinks one of his neighbors might be a serial killer. We thought it was pretty good although it was the kind of movie where you tuck your head behind a pillow ecery so often. The second movie was Premonition with Sandra Bullock. It is the movie where her husband is killed in a bad car accident and everyday when she wakes up she is not sure which day it is or if he is dead or alive. It is the kind of movie you really have to pay attention to the details so it all pulls together in the end. We liked this movie also. Shawn did fall asleep for about half an hour of it but woke up to watch the end.
I am excited for this evening. I am dropping the kids off with Shawn and going to do something with my sis in law Jeanne for pound 31. Kind of a funny story becasue Jeanne really wanted pound 30 and becasue it was taken I put her at pound 31. Well I am not at 31 pounds I am at 30.5 so I guess we are meeting in the middle of this one. She gave me hints a few months ago about what it might be so I am thinking a pedicure but I will let you all know tomorrow.
I weighed in this morning at 185.8 I am stuck! I seem to bob between 186.2 and 185.8. I know it is a plateu and in a few days I should break through it. I am not giving up this time, I just have to keep on going and eventually the whoosh fairy should swing by my door.
By the way someone told me that some of my words were showing up highlighted with links. I can't seem to see them but I am looking into it. If anyone else sees the different color words through my blogs can you please let me know. They are advertisments and I don't want people to have to look at that kind of stuff. I would like to fix it so if you are seeing it please email me.
Thanks people.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aug. 22, 2007
Yesterday I went up tp visit with my Mom and Ali H. I had a fantastic day of visits and came home with a new 35 pound gift from Ali to look at for a few more pounds. I came home and we rented movies for the evening. The first movie we watched was perfect stranger with Halle Berry. I would say it was ok/good. If there is nothing else to watch then rent it. The second movie we watched was wild hogs with John Travolta this was a funny movie that I would say to rent. We laughed almost the whole movie.
I had a tough eating day yesterday. At my moms we had protein burgers from In and Out which was fine but we got caught in really bad traffic and I stopped and got the boys french fries to make the drive seem to go by faster. Of course a few fries ended up in my mouth. We had taco's for dinner and then after dinner I had the munchies pretty bad. I had a huge coffee with sugar free cream, a yogurt, and a few slices of lunch meat. I don't know why I was hungry. This is one of the first time I have had the urge to eat even though I was not hungry. Everyting I ate was ok for my diet just not all in one sitting. Oh well can't take it back now, just have to learn not to do it agian.
I weighed in this morning at 186.2 again. I seem to be stalled a little. I know part of it is my eating a little off plan lately between parties and denny's milkshakes I need to get 100% back on plan. Today is a whole new day of no cheats or extra's. I need some new clothes becasue my pants are literally falling off and I have to get to 41 lbs lost before Shawn's next sponsor of new clothes. So here is to 10 more pounds I need to lose and hopefully before I start school in 1 month.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aug. 21, 2007

Yesterday was a huge day in our house. Garrett had to go in to school and take a test to see if we had raised his grades high enough through our home summer school to advance into 5th grade. His test went from about 1-2:30 and they said they would call with the results in a few days. 1 hour after we got home the principle called to tell us he had passed and is now officially a 5th grades. We are so relieved and excited that he does not have to redo 4th grade. To celebrate last night we went out to Denny's and the boys got shakes. I was really good and had about 7-10 spoonfuls of Shawn's. Yummy but I did not need the whole darn thing to enjoy it. That was really pretty much our whole day yesterday.

I weighed in this morning at 185.8 which is down a little from yesterday and a total of 30.4

Have a fantastic day.


I also have included the one and only pic we took Kayaking, unfortunitly we couldn't take the camera with us in the water so it is in the car. Sorry!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Aug, 20,2007
Sorry I am so late posting today. We had kind of a hectic morning and I just was not able to get on the computer. Yesterday we went Kayaking. We were a little nervous but once we got out in the ocean harbor we had a ton of fun. It was the perfect day at the beach. After kayaking we went and sat at a resteraunt and got a pina colada and looked out over the boats. We had a relaxing day and really enjoyed one anothers company. Thank you Bri.
I weighed in this morning at 186.0 which is the same as Friday. I did a little bit of cheating this weekend but I didn't gain so that is great. Tomorrow I am hanging out at my Mom's house and also going to see Ali H. and help on a painting project.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Aug 17, 2007
Yesterday I finally decided I should do some housework despite the heat. We had a stay at home day of doing nothing. I didn't drive once. It was nice. The boys start back to school in a few weeks so I am enjoying the last bit we have together before our crazy year starts back up. I start schhol in 1 month. I am nervous but so excited to get beck in the ceramics studio. I am taking an art history class, ceramics, and 2D design which is just a fancy way of saying drawing. I am also getting Pj's daycare set up. He is going to be going to an in home daycare with a really nice woman named Maribel. She only takes care of 5-6 kids so she can handle a Pj. I am sad to send him but the only way not to would be to stay at home and work which is tempting but not what I dream of doing. Tonight we are going to Shawn's softball game and then a softball party after at Matt ans Scott J. house. It will be fun to see everyone. There are a bunch of families that we don't see as often as we would like that should be there. The best part is with Matt watching what he is eating and Shawn as well Matt has offered to pick up chicken so I will have something to eat without feeling guilty tommorow.
Today was a good weigh in day. I sweated like crazy yesterday while cleaning so I though the scale would go down. I weighed in at 186.0 for a total of 30.2. You know what that means I got to open my 30 pound gift. I got a really cute purse that is plaid with yellow, pink, and green. I also got a week or so ago my 15 and 25 pound gifts from Ali H. She got me a really huge coffee cup that is the perfect size and a cool paper set that has a heading of No Whining. For my 25 pounds I got yummy lotion and a gift card to go to the movies. I love all of my sponors. Ithought it would be a fun idea to keep me motivated but now I love to look at my list each day as a reminder of what is to come. I still have a tone of weigh if anyone still want's one.
Have a fantastic weekend. Tommorow is my 6 week weigh in.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aug 16, 2007
Sorry I am a little late posting today. I know how many of you worry if I don't post by 10. I still can't believe how many people are reading my blog on a daily basis. Is my stuff really that interesting?
So yesterday I went to Wal mart and for the fun of it tried on some clothes. I had a pair of shorts that I bought before our beach trip without trying on that when I got home couldn't even come close to fitting. I tried them on yesterday thinking maybe I would be close to fitting in them. I was so surprised when they were to big. I actually got to go try on the next size down and they fit perfect. That means I have gone down about 2 sizes. I also tried on some shirts. Before the diet I had to buy 18/20 shirts and 20 bottems. I bought all larges and a few junior xl. I was so surprised at how much a difference I saw when clothes shopping. Shawn came home and was shocked at how different my clothes look. I feel a million times better then I used to and don't mind looking in the mirror.
I weighed in this morning at 187.2 for a total of 29 pounds. I am so close to that gift on my fireplace. I have to get to 31 by next Thursday. I talked with my sis in law Jeanne this morning and we set up my 31 pound reward for that day. The pressure is on.
I have no idea what I am doing today. Matt came over last night and we all stayed up until almost 5 am so I am really tired and drained. I think today is a good down day. I of course will do my 4:30 dash to get the house clean before Shawn get's home but other then that naps and maybe a movie are on my agenda.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aug, 15, 2007
Still not too much going on at the Brenner house. It has been so hot we are kind of in survival mode. The weather has been so strange. Yesterday I looked outside and it was totally cloudy but 102 degrees. There was also no breeze which for our area is totally not normal.
Today we are going grocery shopping. I have a love/hate relationship with the market. I love to shop but on a diet it is not nearly as much fun. When you are on a diet you tend to stick with 3 areas, veggies, meats, and dairy. No processed anything so I can skip most of the middle isles. I am also doing a Walmart trip. I love walmart but always find about 50 things I don't need but buy anyways.
Shawn's company is having an employee weekend in a few weeks that I am really excited about. The company is putting all the employees in a hotel and then planned activities for the weekend. It gives us a chance to catch up and meet the employees from the other state which always ends up being fun. Shawn and I also get a chance to leave the kids behind for quality time with adult which we never do. It ahould be alot of fun. We may enev go golfing which I am still learning but think it would be neat to have an activity that Shawn and I can share.
Shawn has decided to join me in the weight loss efforts. He has been saying for a few weeks. that he wanted to start a diet but he officially has. He is doing a weight watchers form of a diet and has lost 4 pounds so far. He gets going and he stays on track. Tonight he is taking some costumers out to dinner so I am sure he won't be too careful tonight but he will be back strong tomorrow.
I weighed in this morning at 188.0 so my total weight lost is 28.6 pounds. I am trying to get that darn 30 pound gift that has been staring at me for the last few weeks out of it's wrapper. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aug. 14, 2007
Hey everyone,
Well I for some reason don't feel like posting to much today and I am not even sure why. Don't worry I am not having a bad day or anything, I am just not in the mood to write. I guess we had a pretty uneventful day except for getting my new laptop. I will be sure to write more tomorrow.
I weighed in this morning at 188.6 so the weekend weight is slowly coming back off. See you all tomorrow.

Monday, August 13, 2007

We had a very interesting weekend. Sat we woke up and the lawn needed mowing. Shawn get's about half done and the mower breaks. So Sun we had to go buy a new one. Sat we went to a surprise party for our Aunt Cynthia in Escondido. We had a ton of fun and food. They had appetizers which I was really good about and had like 3 bits. Dinner was salad, a small amount of twice baked potatoes, and tri-tip, I was even pretty good with my portions. The worst part of the whole night was a chocolate fountain. I was not even thinking but just grabbing a bit everytime I walked by. Before I knew it I had 3 marshmallows, 4 strawberries, a banana, a pretzel, and a nilla wafer. I lost it. I did so good until that thing. I woke up the next morning and had lost a pound and was thinking to myself this is awesome I can eat and still lose. Not the case. I woke up this morning after an on track day yesterday and I gained 1.5 pounds. I knew I had a lot to eat and way to many sweets but I will lose it again. Bummer though that I let myself go that crazy, I still have alot of mental work to do on myself. I know my biggest problem is portions, I love food. I still am looking for a happy medium between eating the stuff I love and knowing when to stop. I guess the chocolate got the best of me.
I am excited for next weekend. For my 24th pound Shawn and I are going kayaking. Brianna from Shawns work and a long time family friend came up with the original idea. She is watching the boys and sending us to the beach. I am nervous but I am really looking forward to it. I will try to take some pics to post so you can see us. I love the idea because it is so off the wall and active at the same time. I will let you know next week how it goes.
I weighed in this morning at 189.6 for a weekend gain of 1.5 pounds. I am fully back on track and should see it gone really soon. My total lost is still 26.6 pounds in 5 weeks.
Have a good start to a new week.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Before: Taken at the beach trip this year.
After:1 mo 8-7-07
Hey everyone, Well I decided to post 1 of my 1 mo. pics for y'all to see. My face is so far where people seem to see that I am losing weight. I weighed in this morning at 189.2 so I am now in the 180's and my 5 week total is 27 pounds.
Have a great weekend,

Friday, August 10, 2007

My new daffodi______________An iris_________________Our wedding flower By Justin
Yesterday was a total off the wall day. I went to my mom's in the morning to hang out and hear about her going to see Wicked the night before with Bob. While I was there I get a phone call from the guy who is going to do my tattoo, Obie, saying he has an opening today if I want it. I got a sitter for the kids and rushed out to Riverside. I get to his tiny shop with some idea's in hand. I had a daffodil plate that I love and belongs to my Mom, a stargazer lily which is my wedding flower and a drawing of it that my brother did, and an iris pic for my Grandma Mary. He grabs a sharpy and starts copying the plate, my brothers drawing, and the iris picture exactly as they are on the stuff onto my leg. He was an amazing artist. After the sharpy came the tattoo gun. I forgot how badly it hurts. He turns on a movie to make me not think about it but it didn't help ouch! I can honestly say after this one is finished I will never get another tattoo again. He was able to get half done so I have all black right now. I go back in Sept to get the colors added which will make it look very pretty and not so harsh looking. ALso for those who don;t know tattoo's very well the black ink will fade alot in the next few weeks. The first few days it is still swollen and the color is much darker then it will stay. I weighed in this morning at 190.0 for a total loss of 26.2 so far. I should weigh in tomorrow in the 180's which will be too cool. Well I am off to clean the house and get readu for the weekend. Have a great Friday everyone.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

8/9/07 My computer for some reason is not letting me use the return key so sorry this is kind of a mess today. I got a visit from the whoosh fairy last night. I weighed in this morning at 190.4 for a total of 25.8 pounds. I love when that happens. Last night we went to a Quakes game and had a ton of fun. On week nights there is almost no one there so we were in the front row of the cheap section. The boys got to meet Tremor the dinosaur like 4 times. The boys wanted a foul ball really bad but we were behind the safety net so no ball this time. We are going to take them again in a few weeks on a weekday. If anyone wants to join us let us know. Yesterday we also went to Pj's new school. It is really nice and literally 2 min from the house. Only problem is I am starting to realize that I will have a hard time leaving him there. Mom has to grow up sometime I guess. Pj slept so much better last night. Well we are off to visit my mom today and maybe Ali H. for a bit too. Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Howdy people.
Yesterday was a pretty big day in our house. Pj is now sleeping in a big boy bed. Really it is a toddler bed but still a huge step. He did ok last night, he woke up about 4 times. I think tonight will be much better. I finally got an appointment for my tattoo with a guy near my house that does a fantastic job on flowers and is so good he is booked 4 weeks in advance. The good news is he can do what I want and says mine is light and will be easy to cover. I am now the proud owner of a laptop. I have needed one for school and finally got a really good deal. It will take about 2 weeks to get here but I have been asking Shawn for one for a few years so I am excited. Pj and I are going to visit his new school/daycare today. When I return to school in Sept. I have to go days so Pj is going to school 2 days a week for anout 7 hours. I am sad but excited for him. I got my sign up for fantasy football yesterday. I know this seems so whatever but we really enjoy the football season. My team name is YourGonnaLose2AGirl. I am the only team of 12 who is lead by a woman. I will show all those guys! Last but not least we found out that we are going to have a new niece or nephew in Late Jan. early Feb. Crystal and Jacob announced yesterday that they are pregnant with #3 so congrats to them.
I weighted in this morning at 192.2 for a total of 24 pounds. I am just glad the scale finally moved again. I have a sponsor for 24 so I am excited to see what is in store. I also had to tell everyone that my sponsor idea is being used at weight watcher meetings now. Our good friend is a weight watchers leader and has been telling all her classes about my idea. I thought that was neat. I hope that some other people are able to find as much support as I am. Thanks again guys, I couldn't do this without you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I made it a full month! Yeah. I am a little nervous becasue this is usually the point when I start to cheat alot and give up. I have never made it a full month on a diet seriously. Last night Shawn got home late and instead of making dinner I went and picked up fast food. I had decided before I even left the house that I was going to get a big old chicken club sandwich, fries, and a diet coke. Now I have to remind you that the only thing I can really have in this meal is the chicken on the chicken club and the diet coke. I got to the window and even ordered it and then thought what am I doing. I changed the order to a BBQ ranch salad with grilled chicken instead. I got home and the salad was so good. It is a regular salad with chicken but it had regular ranch and bbq sauce mixed together on it. Yum it was really yummy. I am not supposed to have ranch but my calories and stuff were low enough that I did it anyways. I later was thinking and had a very odd thought for myself. I was thinking if I stopped this diet Shawn would still love me so why am I trying so hard to lose all this weight. Then I though I don't love me this way, and I need me to be happy with me.
I do keep getting a comment that I think is funny. 85 pounds you can't possible have that much to lose. You don't look as fat as you say you are. Wow you hide it or carry it really well. Well thanks to all of you who have said this, as least I know I didn't look as aweful as I felt. I should have taken a picture of the scale but I assure you I weighed 216.2 pounds 1 month ago today.
So my one month weigh in is 193.2 for a total of 23 pounds this month. I am totally happy with my loss so far. I am starting to slow down but I know that even if it is 2 pounds a week that is 8 pounds a month and I will be to my goal in 7-8 months. So my the time I turn 30 I should be healthier then I ever was in all 10 years of my 20's.
Also as a 1 month treat to myself I got the top of my ear pierced. Shawn has been hinting for years to get it done again but I never did. I figured 1 month deserved a treat.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Well we had a great relaxing weekend of not doing to much. Sat. we hung out at Matt's house, relaxed, swam, and ate. We got the chance to see Irv and Darlene who we haven't seen in awhile so that part was really cool. Sun we hung out and watched movies and layed around not doing much. I think it was a nice break that we all needed.
I weighed in this morning at 192.8 not too bad for a weekend of sitting and eating. I don't mind the little gain at all.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Good morning everyone. Shawn is home and life will be back to normal for awhile. We picked him up from the airport and went to an early dinner with Matty. After dinner we took advantage of Matt's air conditioner before we headed to Shawn's softball game. We watched all of Shawn's game and as we were sitting there relaxing watching Kevin's game PJ started throwing up. Fun! We went home to our hot house and Pj was sick again through the night. He seems to be ok this morning so hopefully it was a fluke thing.
Anyways our air is being fixed on Monday afternoon. We got home last night and set up a window air conditioner in our den room, put blankets over the 2 doorways that lead out of the room and enjoyed the cool air in the one room. It was fun because it reminded me of the old apartment where we literally would confine ourselves to one room for most of the summer in the same way with the blamkets covering the doorways and we all slept in the same room. It is kind of like family time in a wierd sort of way. So instead of being miserable we are thinking maybe this is God's way of bringing our family together for a funny old time sake weekend.
We have company coming. We found out from 2 of our out of state friends that they are coming to visit. Allen and Shannon are coming from Florida to visit for a day. Allen is currently interviewing for a youth ministry position in California and Arizona so either way we are excited because they will be close enough to visit without flying. Then we found out that Jim, Kim and the 4 boys are going to be staying with us for 2 nights at the end of the month. We are really looking forward to their visit. Jim and Kim were our closest family to hang out with until they moved to Oregon. There move worked out for us, we were able to buy their house. It will be cool to show them all the crazy colors we have painted. The boys are excited to see their old friends as well.
So I had my 4 week weigh in this morning. I weighed in at 192.6 for a total of 4.2 for the week and an over all total of 23.6. I was suprised to have a loss because I ate pancakes with sugar free syrup for dinner. I only have like 1/2 of one but It still is a nono for me. Oh well, I am back on today. Have a great weekend.

Friday, August 3, 2007

SOrry I did not post yesterday, I had a really busy day. Shawn left early on Wed. As soon as he left I went paint shopping for the den room and big living room. I came home and the plan was that my mom was going to come out on Thurs. and we were going to paint the den. Ali is crazy and decided to paint the den on Wed. and Mom came over and helped paint the big room on Thurs. I can tell you that in the last 2 days I have painted a total of 18 hours. I could never see another paintbrush again and be just fine with it. I am sore and tired but the good thing is Shawn will come home to a completely different house. We ended up painting the den in a fisherman theme. We got a giant pic of a fish for above the fireplace, and the walls are a great deep teal water kinda color. All we need now are some fish accents like pillows, curtains, and a throw, all the finishing touches. The big room we painted the green that has been on one wall since May. Now all we need for the big room is furniture. Time, thats all we need and the house will be done. Ok never done but no more squares of color all over the walls.
So with painting I worked some weight off. I weighed in this morning at 193.2 which brings me to 23 pounds. I got to open my 23 pound gift. Mom and Pops Brenner got me the last 2 movies in the Love comes softly set that I was talking about crying to when Shawn was out of town on one of my first blogs. Shawn comes home today but I might have to try to fit one in before I pick him up. I must say I got a little teary over the DVD's when I opened them. Thanks Mom Brenner for such a great and thoughtful gift.
Well have a great day.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ok so instead of what day I am on I am going to put the date because I can't keep track of what day I am on. So 8/1/07

I took Shawn to the airport this morning and he is off to the Texas humidity at 9:10 am. He lands at 12 something our time. So once again I am queen of the house for a few days. We got chinese food last night. This was my first cheat. I did really well, I had some wonton soup, steamed veggies, and some yummy shrimp. I portioned everything out and didn't even finish my plate. It is strange because our relationship has involved food for so long that it is hard to not do something a little special when Shawn is going out of town. I did gain a little but I'll have it off again really soon. I also have either allergys or a cold and I am not feeling 100% I am taking meds only when I have too becasue I hate how drowsy they make me feel. I also find that I am more hungry when I am not feeling well so I am loading up on lots of crystal light and water.
I weighed in this morning at 195.6 so I went up .4 for the chinese food. I seem to be losing alot slower lately but I was told that this would slow down at 3 weeks. I am going to start the running and change up my foods a bit to see if I can get a jumpstart on losing again.
Well I am off to do whatever I want today. Ok all this means is the house won't be 100% clean until Friday.