Friday, August 24, 2007

Aug. 24, 2007
So what I thought was going to be a pedicure turned into a 1 hr foot reflexology session. I was way off. Jeanne's hint was it will make you lighter on your feet. Who knew that reflexology can help aid in weight loss. I get to Jeanne's for what I know is a 7pm appointment. We drive across Colima to a small shop hidden in the corner of a strip mall. We walk into a front reception area with bright yellow walls and a nice atmosphere. I was a little nervous because I am not a massage kind of person. We go sit in a back room in big leather chairs, the atmoshphere in this room is alot different then the front room. The room is dimmly lit and relaxing. They did have a big screen with a chinese tv program on. jeanne and I were the only people in the room except for the people who work there. The two men who did out session spoke pretty much no english which was kinda cool becasue we could talk about whatever we wanted and they had no idea what we were saying. They started by putting our feet in a tub of really hot water. Next they started massaging our backs, arms, neck, head, face, and hands. It was not like a normal massage it was if they had a pattern they were following. After the body part they started the foot part. Your feet are on an ottoman and the men sit on a stool. They use a tone of either oil or clear lotion I am not sure. They spent about 40 min rubbing our feet and legs. There were times that were a little painful becasue they pushed really hard on tender spots. They serve you green tea and a small plate of little asian cookies and treats. Jeanne and I tried a few and didn't find anything that was not tasty. After being rubbed, slapped, hit, and kneeded we were done. They used very hot towels and clean off all the extra lotion. At the end you feel relaxed and rejuvinated. I would definitly do it again. We had a really good time and it is another fantastic thing that I would have never done for myself. A huge thanks to Randy and jeanne for the fantastic and relaxing evening. Of course there were a few giggles in the whole thing from having no idea what the heck they are doing but it is a memory that I will have forever.
I weighed in this morning at 185.4 so I had a .4 drop bringing my total to 30.8 so far. My weight is going off so slowely I just hope that it is coming off in inches instead. I keep thinking I should change it up for a week or so by doing weight watchers and then coming back to my diet but I have been so successful I am nervous about trying it. If in a few more days I am not dropping I will try it.
Thanks again jeanne for a funny night.

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