Saturday, August 4, 2007

Good morning everyone. Shawn is home and life will be back to normal for awhile. We picked him up from the airport and went to an early dinner with Matty. After dinner we took advantage of Matt's air conditioner before we headed to Shawn's softball game. We watched all of Shawn's game and as we were sitting there relaxing watching Kevin's game PJ started throwing up. Fun! We went home to our hot house and Pj was sick again through the night. He seems to be ok this morning so hopefully it was a fluke thing.
Anyways our air is being fixed on Monday afternoon. We got home last night and set up a window air conditioner in our den room, put blankets over the 2 doorways that lead out of the room and enjoyed the cool air in the one room. It was fun because it reminded me of the old apartment where we literally would confine ourselves to one room for most of the summer in the same way with the blamkets covering the doorways and we all slept in the same room. It is kind of like family time in a wierd sort of way. So instead of being miserable we are thinking maybe this is God's way of bringing our family together for a funny old time sake weekend.
We have company coming. We found out from 2 of our out of state friends that they are coming to visit. Allen and Shannon are coming from Florida to visit for a day. Allen is currently interviewing for a youth ministry position in California and Arizona so either way we are excited because they will be close enough to visit without flying. Then we found out that Jim, Kim and the 4 boys are going to be staying with us for 2 nights at the end of the month. We are really looking forward to their visit. Jim and Kim were our closest family to hang out with until they moved to Oregon. There move worked out for us, we were able to buy their house. It will be cool to show them all the crazy colors we have painted. The boys are excited to see their old friends as well.
So I had my 4 week weigh in this morning. I weighed in at 192.6 for a total of 4.2 for the week and an over all total of 23.6. I was suprised to have a loss because I ate pancakes with sugar free syrup for dinner. I only have like 1/2 of one but It still is a nono for me. Oh well, I am back on today. Have a great weekend.

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