Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ok so instead of what day I am on I am going to put the date because I can't keep track of what day I am on. So 8/1/07

I took Shawn to the airport this morning and he is off to the Texas humidity at 9:10 am. He lands at 12 something our time. So once again I am queen of the house for a few days. We got chinese food last night. This was my first cheat. I did really well, I had some wonton soup, steamed veggies, and some yummy shrimp. I portioned everything out and didn't even finish my plate. It is strange because our relationship has involved food for so long that it is hard to not do something a little special when Shawn is going out of town. I did gain a little but I'll have it off again really soon. I also have either allergys or a cold and I am not feeling 100% I am taking meds only when I have too becasue I hate how drowsy they make me feel. I also find that I am more hungry when I am not feeling well so I am loading up on lots of crystal light and water.
I weighed in this morning at 195.6 so I went up .4 for the chinese food. I seem to be losing alot slower lately but I was told that this would slow down at 3 weeks. I am going to start the running and change up my foods a bit to see if I can get a jumpstart on losing again.
Well I am off to do whatever I want today. Ok all this means is the house won't be 100% clean until Friday.

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