Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I made it a full month! Yeah. I am a little nervous becasue this is usually the point when I start to cheat alot and give up. I have never made it a full month on a diet seriously. Last night Shawn got home late and instead of making dinner I went and picked up fast food. I had decided before I even left the house that I was going to get a big old chicken club sandwich, fries, and a diet coke. Now I have to remind you that the only thing I can really have in this meal is the chicken on the chicken club and the diet coke. I got to the window and even ordered it and then thought what am I doing. I changed the order to a BBQ ranch salad with grilled chicken instead. I got home and the salad was so good. It is a regular salad with chicken but it had regular ranch and bbq sauce mixed together on it. Yum it was really yummy. I am not supposed to have ranch but my calories and stuff were low enough that I did it anyways. I later was thinking and had a very odd thought for myself. I was thinking if I stopped this diet Shawn would still love me so why am I trying so hard to lose all this weight. Then I though I don't love me this way, and I need me to be happy with me.
I do keep getting a comment that I think is funny. 85 pounds you can't possible have that much to lose. You don't look as fat as you say you are. Wow you hide it or carry it really well. Well thanks to all of you who have said this, as least I know I didn't look as aweful as I felt. I should have taken a picture of the scale but I assure you I weighed 216.2 pounds 1 month ago today.
So my one month weigh in is 193.2 for a total of 23 pounds this month. I am totally happy with my loss so far. I am starting to slow down but I know that even if it is 2 pounds a week that is 8 pounds a month and I will be to my goal in 7-8 months. So my the time I turn 30 I should be healthier then I ever was in all 10 years of my 20's.
Also as a 1 month treat to myself I got the top of my ear pierced. Shawn has been hinting for years to get it done again but I never did. I figured 1 month deserved a treat.

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