Friday, August 3, 2007

SOrry I did not post yesterday, I had a really busy day. Shawn left early on Wed. As soon as he left I went paint shopping for the den room and big living room. I came home and the plan was that my mom was going to come out on Thurs. and we were going to paint the den. Ali is crazy and decided to paint the den on Wed. and Mom came over and helped paint the big room on Thurs. I can tell you that in the last 2 days I have painted a total of 18 hours. I could never see another paintbrush again and be just fine with it. I am sore and tired but the good thing is Shawn will come home to a completely different house. We ended up painting the den in a fisherman theme. We got a giant pic of a fish for above the fireplace, and the walls are a great deep teal water kinda color. All we need now are some fish accents like pillows, curtains, and a throw, all the finishing touches. The big room we painted the green that has been on one wall since May. Now all we need for the big room is furniture. Time, thats all we need and the house will be done. Ok never done but no more squares of color all over the walls.
So with painting I worked some weight off. I weighed in this morning at 193.2 which brings me to 23 pounds. I got to open my 23 pound gift. Mom and Pops Brenner got me the last 2 movies in the Love comes softly set that I was talking about crying to when Shawn was out of town on one of my first blogs. Shawn comes home today but I might have to try to fit one in before I pick him up. I must say I got a little teary over the DVD's when I opened them. Thanks Mom Brenner for such a great and thoughtful gift.
Well have a great day.

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