Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aug. 22, 2007
Yesterday I went up tp visit with my Mom and Ali H. I had a fantastic day of visits and came home with a new 35 pound gift from Ali to look at for a few more pounds. I came home and we rented movies for the evening. The first movie we watched was perfect stranger with Halle Berry. I would say it was ok/good. If there is nothing else to watch then rent it. The second movie we watched was wild hogs with John Travolta this was a funny movie that I would say to rent. We laughed almost the whole movie.
I had a tough eating day yesterday. At my moms we had protein burgers from In and Out which was fine but we got caught in really bad traffic and I stopped and got the boys french fries to make the drive seem to go by faster. Of course a few fries ended up in my mouth. We had taco's for dinner and then after dinner I had the munchies pretty bad. I had a huge coffee with sugar free cream, a yogurt, and a few slices of lunch meat. I don't know why I was hungry. This is one of the first time I have had the urge to eat even though I was not hungry. Everyting I ate was ok for my diet just not all in one sitting. Oh well can't take it back now, just have to learn not to do it agian.
I weighed in this morning at 186.2 again. I seem to be stalled a little. I know part of it is my eating a little off plan lately between parties and denny's milkshakes I need to get 100% back on plan. Today is a whole new day of no cheats or extra's. I need some new clothes becasue my pants are literally falling off and I have to get to 41 lbs lost before Shawn's next sponsor of new clothes. So here is to 10 more pounds I need to lose and hopefully before I start school in 1 month.

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