Thursday, August 9, 2007

8/9/07 My computer for some reason is not letting me use the return key so sorry this is kind of a mess today. I got a visit from the whoosh fairy last night. I weighed in this morning at 190.4 for a total of 25.8 pounds. I love when that happens. Last night we went to a Quakes game and had a ton of fun. On week nights there is almost no one there so we were in the front row of the cheap section. The boys got to meet Tremor the dinosaur like 4 times. The boys wanted a foul ball really bad but we were behind the safety net so no ball this time. We are going to take them again in a few weeks on a weekday. If anyone wants to join us let us know. Yesterday we also went to Pj's new school. It is really nice and literally 2 min from the house. Only problem is I am starting to realize that I will have a hard time leaving him there. Mom has to grow up sometime I guess. Pj slept so much better last night. Well we are off to visit my mom today and maybe Ali H. for a bit too. Have a great day.

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