Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aug, 15, 2007
Still not too much going on at the Brenner house. It has been so hot we are kind of in survival mode. The weather has been so strange. Yesterday I looked outside and it was totally cloudy but 102 degrees. There was also no breeze which for our area is totally not normal.
Today we are going grocery shopping. I have a love/hate relationship with the market. I love to shop but on a diet it is not nearly as much fun. When you are on a diet you tend to stick with 3 areas, veggies, meats, and dairy. No processed anything so I can skip most of the middle isles. I am also doing a Walmart trip. I love walmart but always find about 50 things I don't need but buy anyways.
Shawn's company is having an employee weekend in a few weeks that I am really excited about. The company is putting all the employees in a hotel and then planned activities for the weekend. It gives us a chance to catch up and meet the employees from the other state which always ends up being fun. Shawn and I also get a chance to leave the kids behind for quality time with adult which we never do. It ahould be alot of fun. We may enev go golfing which I am still learning but think it would be neat to have an activity that Shawn and I can share.
Shawn has decided to join me in the weight loss efforts. He has been saying for a few weeks. that he wanted to start a diet but he officially has. He is doing a weight watchers form of a diet and has lost 4 pounds so far. He gets going and he stays on track. Tonight he is taking some costumers out to dinner so I am sure he won't be too careful tonight but he will be back strong tomorrow.
I weighed in this morning at 188.0 so my total weight lost is 28.6 pounds. I am trying to get that darn 30 pound gift that has been staring at me for the last few weeks out of it's wrapper. Wish me luck.

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