Thursday, August 23, 2007

Aug. 23, 2007
Shawn and I had so much fun watching movies the other night we decided to do a repeat last night and watch movies all night again. We rented Disturbia and Premonition. I love our video store because it is only $1.25 during the week to rent and $2.50 on the weekends so for last night it cost $2.50 which is so cheap. We started with disturbia which is about this teenage guy who gets house arrest for a stupid crime and starts to watch his neighbors out of bordom. He thinks one of his neighbors might be a serial killer. We thought it was pretty good although it was the kind of movie where you tuck your head behind a pillow ecery so often. The second movie was Premonition with Sandra Bullock. It is the movie where her husband is killed in a bad car accident and everyday when she wakes up she is not sure which day it is or if he is dead or alive. It is the kind of movie you really have to pay attention to the details so it all pulls together in the end. We liked this movie also. Shawn did fall asleep for about half an hour of it but woke up to watch the end.
I am excited for this evening. I am dropping the kids off with Shawn and going to do something with my sis in law Jeanne for pound 31. Kind of a funny story becasue Jeanne really wanted pound 30 and becasue it was taken I put her at pound 31. Well I am not at 31 pounds I am at 30.5 so I guess we are meeting in the middle of this one. She gave me hints a few months ago about what it might be so I am thinking a pedicure but I will let you all know tomorrow.
I weighed in this morning at 185.8 I am stuck! I seem to bob between 186.2 and 185.8. I know it is a plateu and in a few days I should break through it. I am not giving up this time, I just have to keep on going and eventually the whoosh fairy should swing by my door.
By the way someone told me that some of my words were showing up highlighted with links. I can't seem to see them but I am looking into it. If anyone else sees the different color words through my blogs can you please let me know. They are advertisments and I don't want people to have to look at that kind of stuff. I would like to fix it so if you are seeing it please email me.
Thanks people.

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