Saturday, August 25, 2007

Aug, 25, 2007
I get a phone call last night from Shawn that when he was at softball he was sliding into one of the bases and the guy on base stuck his foot out and tripped Shawn. 2 guys from Shawn's team had to carry him off of the field becasue he couldn't walk homself off. He spent the night at Matt's because he couldn't drive himself home. He hurt his left leg and his right arm great things to hurt in a stickshift car. I spoke with his this morning and he is going to go to our urgent care today becasue he knows he hurt his arm pretty good. I will see him in a few minutes and assess the damage myself. I told him he can be hurt but he has to be better by next weekend becasue we are supposed to golf on Sun and Mon. I will keep you all up to date.
Well I skipped right on over pound 31 and went right to 32 this morning. I weighed in at 184.2 so my loss for the week was like 1.5 pounds. I am just happy I had a loss after the major stalls this week.
We are watching my nieces Megan and Katarina this weekend. Today is Dirk's birthday and they are going to a winery for dinner and a hotel plus wine tasting tonight. We are planning a day of movies, swimming, and pizza. Fun and relaxing.

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