Friday, August 17, 2007

Aug 17, 2007
Yesterday I finally decided I should do some housework despite the heat. We had a stay at home day of doing nothing. I didn't drive once. It was nice. The boys start back to school in a few weeks so I am enjoying the last bit we have together before our crazy year starts back up. I start schhol in 1 month. I am nervous but so excited to get beck in the ceramics studio. I am taking an art history class, ceramics, and 2D design which is just a fancy way of saying drawing. I am also getting Pj's daycare set up. He is going to be going to an in home daycare with a really nice woman named Maribel. She only takes care of 5-6 kids so she can handle a Pj. I am sad to send him but the only way not to would be to stay at home and work which is tempting but not what I dream of doing. Tonight we are going to Shawn's softball game and then a softball party after at Matt ans Scott J. house. It will be fun to see everyone. There are a bunch of families that we don't see as often as we would like that should be there. The best part is with Matt watching what he is eating and Shawn as well Matt has offered to pick up chicken so I will have something to eat without feeling guilty tommorow.
Today was a good weigh in day. I sweated like crazy yesterday while cleaning so I though the scale would go down. I weighed in at 186.0 for a total of 30.2. You know what that means I got to open my 30 pound gift. I got a really cute purse that is plaid with yellow, pink, and green. I also got a week or so ago my 15 and 25 pound gifts from Ali H. She got me a really huge coffee cup that is the perfect size and a cool paper set that has a heading of No Whining. For my 25 pounds I got yummy lotion and a gift card to go to the movies. I love all of my sponors. Ithought it would be a fun idea to keep me motivated but now I love to look at my list each day as a reminder of what is to come. I still have a tone of weigh if anyone still want's one.
Have a fantastic weekend. Tommorow is my 6 week weigh in.

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