Thursday, October 15, 2009

I realized this afternoon that I have not posted in a week. Schools is keeping me really busy. am still doing really well on w.w. I did have a little bit of a rough weekend and used my 35 points extra in one meal on Sunday night. On Monday I didn't even want to go to the meeting a weigh in because of my bad Sun. Well I threw on jeans, a big sweatshirt, tennis shoes, and a hat which are not my normal shorts, tshirt, and no shoes for weigh in. I gained 2 pounds. I am hoping that this week when I weigh in the bad weigh in last week won't be that bad. I knew at some point when the weather changed I would have to take a hit on my weight when I wore pants figured I would have the nacho weight and pants all in one shot. Other than that life has been school and family. Can't complain,
Have a good weekend and I will try to post on Monday,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Still doing well. I keep waking up with headaches so that isn't fun. School is already kicking my butt. I don't think I have ever had so much reading in my life. 6-10 chap. at 40-50 pages each per week. I should be a reading snob by the time I am done with this class.
Well Just a small post to let you know it is going strong still and to say thanks for all the encouragment.

Monday, October 5, 2009

What an exciting day for me. I woke up this morning and was feeling good about weighing at the w.w. meeting. I had two social events this weekend and has been really good about sticking to my points even with eating pizza. I was sure I would lose 1 pound because I had lost alot last week I wasn't thinking much more. I got on the scale and wow I lost another 4 lbs. Yeah!!!

The coolest part is I got another 5 lb. sticker from my leader but I also lost 5% of my weight so I got a 5% sticker and a blue star to hang on my fridge.

I now have a w.w. buddy. Jennifer C. joined W.w. and went with me this morning to her first meeting. I think she is a little overwhelmed but I am glad I have someone to do this with.

So with my recent 4 lbs. it brings my total to 11.6 lbs in two weeks. I am more then thrilled but a littlle nervous about next weeks weigh in. I just don't think I can keep going with such high numbers.

Well I am off to take care of a bunch of homework. I will write again soon,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Well the diet is still going strong. The last few nights with school and life I haven't really been eating a dinner. I grab a snack or something between events. Today I am going to work on eating a dinner. If I don't eat a dinner I find that I have a hard time getting in all my points for the day. I am loving that I get to really eat. I have some days where I feel like all I do is eat and I still seem to be losing.
School went well for the first week but man am I going to be busy. I have 250 pages to read before I go back next week. Seems like alot of reading will be a typical pattern.
Yesterday we decorated for Halloween. Shawn and I had decided no Halloween party this year. Now that everything is up we may reconsider. We are thinking of bbqing hotdogs to pass out to trick or treaters as well as candy. Another way of loving on people.
Have a great day and talk to ya all soon,