Thursday, October 1, 2009

Well the diet is still going strong. The last few nights with school and life I haven't really been eating a dinner. I grab a snack or something between events. Today I am going to work on eating a dinner. If I don't eat a dinner I find that I have a hard time getting in all my points for the day. I am loving that I get to really eat. I have some days where I feel like all I do is eat and I still seem to be losing.
School went well for the first week but man am I going to be busy. I have 250 pages to read before I go back next week. Seems like alot of reading will be a typical pattern.
Yesterday we decorated for Halloween. Shawn and I had decided no Halloween party this year. Now that everything is up we may reconsider. We are thinking of bbqing hotdogs to pass out to trick or treaters as well as candy. Another way of loving on people.
Have a great day and talk to ya all soon,

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