Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My first day back to school went pretty well. I saw a bunch of friends before randomly so that was nice. I got to class and within a few min the fire alarm went off so we had to evecuate. After about an hour they let us back in. Apparently someone popped their popcorn a little too long and it set off the smoke detector to the largest building on campus, over 1000 people were evacuated. We finally got back in and got our schedule for the class. The sad yet cool part is because of the budget cuts some of this class is going to be online. There was one soccer and baseball thing for the kids that overlapped and we weren't sure what we were going to do. Luckily that one day is one of my cancelled classes becasue of the cuts.
Diet wise I was really busy yesterday so I actually had a hard time getting my points for the day. I ate in the morning but then between w.w. meeting and our new washer delivered, kids homework, and me going to school I ended up eating dinner at 10pm. I am going to be working on not making that a habit.
I am off to another class tonight. I have heard mixed reviews on the teacher. I get the idea that he is good but a hard grader. Either way I am not too worried.
Well off to deal with the day.

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