Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Friday Everyone,
Well I have made it through 5 days of W.W. and so far so good. I had a major sugar need yesterday so I ate a fun size Snickers and then realized that it wasn't as good as I thought it would be in my mind. I would have much rather had an entire bag of kettle corn for the 2 points. I feel so much more energetic during the day when I am eating healthy. When sleepy time comes I sleep so much better. I don't feel like I am losing yet so I am hoping that the scale moves when I weigh in on Monday. The true test will be the weekend and then weighing in Monday at 9am.
So funny story for the day
We took all of the boys to get haircuts last night. It was the first time I didn't just tell the lady what they wanted. Garrett found the haircut books and picked a short spiky look that is pretty much what he already had his entire like but spiked a little differently. Pj went with the typical bowl cut that Shawn loves on him. No Cody was a mess. Me looked at the book for am hour. He wanted a mullet, no. Next he wanted blond and purple highlights that you have to use a hair iron to get the look. He cried because we would let him do what he wanted. He finally found a long spiky, messy look that we all agreed on. This morning he realized that they cut off his long hair. How he didn't realize last night when he saw her cutting the hair is beyond me. All in all it was an eventful night. Lesson - next time you go to the salon take a look at the mens hair cut books, they are hilarious. Shawn and I laughed at the guys for an hour. So bad!.
Have a great weekend and I will post after my weigh in on Monday.

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