Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning everyone.
I'm back!!!
I have spent the last few months as me time. I took time to reorganize my house (which had gotten out of control while I was in school full time), spent time setting up routines (bedtime, bible study, clean ups before bed), getting myself and my house prepared for another round of school. We are in church full time, baseball, soccer, life is just full time non stop. I figure is I can't lose weight now then at no time will I be able to lose weight.
Everytime I go on a diet I get frusterated that it goes so slowely. I usually go to my old reliable weight loss plan of lose quickly and can't keep it off. I am ready this time to take time and do it right. I am going to do weight watchers yet again but this time I am going to stick with the points I should be having not less to lose faster. I am at 25 points a day. I am going to work on making better lifelong livable choices rather than quick and not lifelong. I am signing up for weight watchers but I am thinking about signing up for the online version instead of $14 a week it is $65 for 4 months. I figure if I pay for 4 months I will commit for that long. 4 months also happens to get me within a few weeks of my 32 birthday. Ouch 32!!!
With all that said I weighed in at 194. back up to where I was before I lost all the weight for my graduation. I just can't keep going up and down like I have been, it has got to be hard on my body not only physically but mentally. I am ready for a change and this time I am going to make it slow and steady. I am not going to aim for 4 pounds a week I will be thrilled with 1-2 if I still get to eat like a human and not a carnivore.
So if you have any Weight watcher advice of recipies I would love to hear them. Thanks for all the continued support.

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