Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Aug. 28, 2007
We spent the day yesterdayat the doctor for Shawn. We went early in hopes of getting his referal so that he could get his second appt. later the same afternoon. I called the Doc in the afternoon to see if the referal was ready becasue we had not heard from them and the hospital was not sending my info over to the doc. I called the hospital very upset and with am attitude and they faxed it while I was on the phone. The doctor gave me the phone number to call for the orthopedic doc. and when I called they couldn't fit him in for over 2 weeks. I called the doc back and told them what was up and they had me call all over the place to get a doctpr to fit him ina nd then they changed the referal to go with the doc I found. We finally got an appt. in redlands this afternoon. When we were talking to the doc office they also told us that there is a possible fracture on shawn's leg when the specialist looked at the x-rays so he is also going in to have that double checked. My day was stressful and crazy. The kids started school yesterday. It was hard becasue literilly Shawn has to sit and watch what is going on. He cannot walk, lift, basically anything. He is trying so hard to care for himself and feels bad asking for help. I do not mind at all, isn't that part of your vows. I know it can only get better. I just hope that today when I help the kids with homework I am not yelling at doctors at the same time.
With the crazy weekend I did not stick to plan at all. Yesterday I was good until dinner but I was so tired I couldn't evven cook so we had burritoes oops. Today I asked Shawn to help me and he is going to help hold me accountable. We are going to docs today, and we have a football draft tonight for fantast. Busy day but I can handle it all I think! Oh I am weighing in at 187.4 so up 3 pounds. It's coming back off baby,

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