Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov. 10, 2008
WE FOUND DUSTY!!!! We got a phone call on Friday night that a woman had Dusty. We went and got him and the kids are so happy. He was over 5 miles from our house and he was on the other side of 2 freeways. We are so happy that he wasn't hit or hurt. He does have a few bite marks like Harley but much fewer of them. So our weekend was much better then I had anticipated.
Sat. we went to Cody's soccer game and they had their first win. Yeah and finally. Sat night Justin and Brandy came over and baby sat the kids and Shawn and I went out and used the gift certificate to Northwoods that we got last Christmas. It was a nice quiet time and we enjoyed just eating in quiet together.
Sun I had to go to school and get some work done. I feel like I am always behind and trying to catch up this quarter. I went to school and worked for about 3 hours and still feel like I didn't get much done. The rest of Sun. I enjoyed a nice family day. I cooked lunch, dinner, and dessert. I enjoyed my boys and the couch.
Ok so for the diet I didn't do it all weekend. I have been terrrible since Friday. When I get stressed I like to eat to feel better so with the whole dog thing I ate. I didn't weigh in because I didn't want to.
So today I am going to try to get back on the diet wagon.
Well have a good Monday.

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