Monday, September 8, 2008

Sept. 8, 2008
What a weekend. We went to a very good friends wedding on Sat. It was beautiful and we are thrilled for the couple. Sun. was the first football day of the season. We took the day off of church becasue of all the wedding stuff going very late into the night for Shawn, I think he made it home about 2am. Our normal Sunday during footbal season is church at 8, back on the couch by 10 am with mcdonalds and a sunday paper. We do nothing the rest of the day but watch football, eat snacks and have a cat nap. I love our Sundays from now until Jan.
What else is going on? I talked to Justin yesterday in the morning and Brandy is doing well. She is up and walking and the pain from the surgery is pain but managable. We are still really worried about her but she seems to be ok from the surgery. Today I will find out a little more on if the infection is still gone or what is going on. I am going to try to swing down to the hospital this evening.
other then that life is no school,
oh my house is so gross. My normal clean and get the house in order big time is on friday but since I was at the hosptial I didn't do my normal cleaning. So today my house isn't to bad but the floors haven't been vacuumed in 2 weeks! Yuck, 3 kids and a wood floor. So this morning is get the house in order day.
Have a good one,

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