Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today is the day. I have been "restarting" my diet over and over. I keep thinking I want to sit in my clothes before I restart school. I looked at my school stuff last night and I have 16 days. That isn't enough time to lose a ton but hopefully I get on the road to losing. So today I am eating right. I know the weekends are always tough but we don't have major plans this weekend so it should be managable.
Update on Brandy......
I talked to J yesterday and Brandy is feeling much better. The surgery was a success. She was on morphine but they took her off ot it because she couldn't stay awake. She is now on like tylenol and the pain is a little more but at least she isn't sleeping all the time. After the surgery they put in 2 chest tubes well one was taken out yesterday and they are hoping to take out the other one today. She went in for xrays last night to see how the infection is doing but I will find out the results of that today when I call. If she keeps improving they are expecting her to go home by the end of the week. Other great news is her job is giving her 1 more week to recover which isn't much but hopefully they keep putting it off until she can make it in. The best news of all is Brandy was approved for medical coverage through the hospital. She is covered 100% for 1 year wwhich includes this hospital stay and surgery si she will owe nothing for being in the hospital for almost 1 month. Amazing Huh?
well have a great day,

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Tiny said...

What great news about Brandy Ali. We've been and will continue to be keeping her in our prayers. Why don't you send us her home address so we can send her a card? Better go. Take care Ali and best of luck to you on the restart. :O)