Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The newest update on Brandy
Well I finally have some good news regarding Brandy. She had surgery on Friday afternoon and it went great, they ended up having to open up the cavity around the right lung to get to the infection and clean it out. She was on morphine for a couple days but once they took her off of it she began recovering rapidlly. They put in 2 chest tubes after the surgery to drain any remaining fluid. They pulled one of them yesterday and the remaining one today. Once she gets a final x-ray tonight she may be cleared to come home. She might be home tomorrow, but most likely Thursday. I will hopfully only have to send one last e-mail, to let you know when she gets home.Thanks for all your thoughts and support through the past three weeks. We are very greatful for having such a great group of friends and family during this time. Thanks, Justin

As for the diet we will just say day one didn't go so well. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a little sick. When I got up yesterday I felt aweful. I have a UTI. So I am in pain and drinking a ton of juice which is loaded with calories then last night shawn brought home chinese food and soup to make me feel better. He didn't know I had started my diet or at least thought I was going to start yesterday. So a few more days to get back in running condition and then I will be back on track.
ok well have a good Wed.

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