Friday, August 1, 2008

Aug. 1, 2008
Only 5 more weeks. 5 more weeks and then I am done with this class. It is interesting, it is all about the biological, cultural, and other views of sex and gender. Last night was all about the anatomy of plants, people, frog, etc. 3 1/2 hours of this. By the 3rd hour my head hurt so bad. I know on Tues. I am going to be taking food, water, and tylenol in my backpack. If this was a normal 2 hour class I would really enjoy it but sitting for 4 hours listening is just tough for me.

So we all know that I ate the chocolate kettle corn yesterday. I ate an entire bag of it. I counted it as my dinner even though I ate it at 2pm. Then dinner was a pear. I did fantastic again except for the overdoing it in the popcorn dept. I still stayed right at my 1000 cal. except yesterday was the first day I added carbs back in. I didn't carb count at all. It is much easier to eat this was but the results for my body are much, much slower. It is funny how something that works for one person may not work as well for another. I used to get mad and say diets didn't work for me. The truth is they just didn't work as fast or I didn't get to eat what I wanted. I like this diet, I know it and it works for me.

My Uncle Dan, my Mom's brother flew in from Virginia with my 2 cousins. I was very close with my uncle growing up, he was the only Uncle that lived anywhere near us. He got married when I was 11 and moved away. I have seen him once but I have never met my cousins who are 17 and 12. his weekend we are going to my Mom's house to hang out and visit with them. The food may be a challange. We are having lasagna. My plan is to make my yummy caesar salad and take some chicken. avoid tempation and I think I will be good.
Well Off to clean, what else?

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