Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aug. 13, 2008
Sorry it has been a few days. We have been waking up late and going to bed even later. Shawn loves the Olympics. We stay up every night to watch it until 1am. I need to get back on a schedule, I am so tired.
Garrett is still at camp and we are missing him terrible. Cody doesn't like to sleep alone and Pj broke down in tears last night because he misses Buddy really alot. 2 more days.
We started soccer this week. So far the only problem is getting people to the park and on time. Hope it goes better tonight.
Well I have a test tomorrow that I am totally unprepared for. Need to write 2 papers and study before 5 tomorrow.
Well off to put of doing my homeowrk some more.

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